Maybe you were there?

Maybe you heard about it from friends or family?

Or maybe you had no idea that it occurred?

If you were there, you will already know this was one of the BIGGEST rallies ever held in Canberra, quite possibly  Australia!

The mainstream media (whilst absent) reported five to ten thousands people.

Those that were there suggest at least 200,000 and many say the numbers were as high as 1,000,000!

The true number will never be known but that doesn’t matter for those who made the last minute Convoy to Canberra.

People came to fight for their freedoms and humanity and in doing so created one of Australia’s most HISTORIC days which resulted in unity, optimism and connection.

For thousands of Australians, this was the greatest day of their life.

A Celebration with Australia’s Current A-List Speakers

With wonderful leaders stepping up and helping people unpack the confusion and issues of the day, this day was a day for the people.

As thousands of people walked together in love and unity, something magical happened. It will be revealed in this collector’s limited edition book.

How many people do you know that were not aware of how BIG Canberra was?

It is up to US to share the magic of Canberra. How adversity lead to thousands of Australians, every day Australians, from all walks of life, professions and religions, marching as one.

Let the images in the book tell the story of the unity, the love, the fun, the incredible sense of connection that has become synonymous with the freedom movement and the real Aussie Spirit.

Source – https://epicthebook.com.au/