The first witness at the Fair Work Hearing into Covid vaccine discrimination in the workplace was the NSW Civil Liberties Council.

While they agree that workers should have the right to choose whether or not they get vaccinated, they also believe they have a responsibility to not infect others in the community.

The logic therefore seems to be therefore that 100% of the healthy population should be exposed to vaccine injury risks to protect the very small percentage of vulnerable people who are at risk from infectious disease.

The problem with this logic is many:

1) The vaccine didn’t stop transmission and infection so it won’t stop anyone from transmitting it. Mandates are therefore not fit for purpose.

2) The risk of disease isn’t stratified by age or workplace. Most workers do not come into contact with vulnerable people in the workplace. Again this makes most mandates pointless.

3) Why expose 100% of the population to vaccine injury risk when it is much more effective and efficient to treat the vulnerable with therapeutics if they get sick. $8 billion dollars were invested on vaccines that didn’t work effectively. That money could have been used much more effectively if used on front line services in helping the sick rather than making healthy people sick.

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