26 12, 2022

Wireless technology is an environmental stressor requiring new understanding and approaches in health care

December 26, 2022|EMR, International, Research, Technology|

Electromagnetic signals from everyday wireless technologies are an ever-present environmental stressor, affecting biological systems.

In this article, we substantiate this statement based on the weight of evidence from papers collated within the ORSAA database (ODEB), focusing on the biological and health effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation. More specifically, […]

16 12, 2022

The effects of long-term prenatal exposure to 900, 1800, and 2100 MHz electromagnetic field radiation on myocardial tissue of rats

December 16, 2022|EMR, International, Research|


It is well-known that wireless communication technologies facilitate human life. However, the harmful effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation on the human body should not be ignored.

In the present study, we evaluated the effects of long-term, prenatal exposure to EMF radiation on the […]

17 11, 2022

Irish government’s “smart” energy meter program is collecting more data than necessary Rights group reveals

November 17, 2022|EMR, Human Rights, International, Law, Politics, Privacy, Psychology, Surveillance, Technology|

Privacy campaign group Digital Rights Ireland has called for an investigation into the data collection on electricity use through smart meters by ESB Networks. The group claims that the semi-State company is collecting more data than it requires for billing purposes and customers are not […]

9 11, 2022

What Life Forms Are Affected By Electromagnetic Radiation?

November 9, 2022|EMR, Environment, Inquiry, International, Misinformed Media, Research, Technology|

Many different life forms, from plants and animals to insects and bacteria, have been shown to be adversely affected by EMFs. The environment, more appropriately described as the Earth system, is a highly complex, intricately connected and dynamic entity. From the depths of the soil to the highest layers of the atmosphere, minor […]

23 10, 2022

250 Scientists Highlight Concerns With Earbuds

October 23, 2022|Censorship, EMR, Human Rights, Inquiry, International, Research|

Written By:Dr. Joseph Mercola

Wearing wireless earbuds may be convenient but it could be increasing your risk of neurological disorders as they send a magnetic field through your brain to communicate


  • Wireless headphones, like Apple’s popular AirPods, could be […]
    • Wireless headphones, like Apple’s popular AirPods, could be […]
17 10, 2022

Industry Aware of “known RF challenges” with 5G; “operators have only really started to realize and test for in the last six to 12 months”

October 17, 2022|Censorship, EMR, Inquiry, International, Military, Psychology, Research, Technology|

5G warnings and opposition has limited, slowed, and/or stopped deployment including near some U.S. airports due to dangerous interference issues with aviation equipment (see 1, 2, 3, 4).  Of course, interference issues are not isolated to […]