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Is It Safe To Fly?

The most dangerous part of your trip is the ground journey to the airport. However the risk now is higher than it was in 2020. 

What’s changed?

The ABS Australian Bureau of statistics all cause mortality has increased in 2021, this has been raised as a question by Senator Gerrard Rennick at Senate Estimates Hearings. The death rate in the population did not increase in 2020, but has increased in 2021 which coincidentally matched with the vaccine roll-out. This is the only environmental change facing Aussies, and needs to be investigated.

From an anecdotal perspective and through our airline connections, both private and professional flight crew medical events are higher than they were previously.

There are significant safety signals that now needs urgent investigation from the Aviation Regulator, CASA. to confirm or deny what we are seeing. Prudence and being pro-active is the remit of the Safety regulator. Medical health of flight deck crew in particular protects passengers onboard and people on the ground.

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