We the undersigned support the Caledonian Hotel and their right to display the Australian Federation flag (1901) on the roof of the building. 

The Caledonian Hotel made Australian and Worldwide news back in 2021 and has since been referred to as the Freedom Hotel, they took a stand against the unlawful mandates that government tried to impose and refused to discriminate against anyone.

On the 29th January 2022 they decide to make another bold statement by displaying the Australian Federation Flag of 1901 on the roof of the hotel, this was done with the help of MWM Metal Roofing, Chriss Bayley Heybayles Contracting and local painters Warren George, Mark Ferrie and Clint Thurlow.

The Federation flag also known as the defaced British Red Ensign was first flown on the 3rd of September 1901 a date which has since been known as the Australian National Flag Day. It was also flown at the opening of Federal Parliament in 1927 and was the flag that our ANZAC’S fought under. It is a flag that represents the jurisdiction of the land and is a flag of the people. It is still a registered flag and is able to be flown/displayed today.

The hotel was contacted by Singleton Council in March via a letter stating that a complaint had been made and due to it being a hertiage listed building and the lack of DA approval the flag was to be removed, failure to do so would result in a hefty fine and continuous fines for every day it was left there. The Hotel was given 28 days to respond to council, they have since done so and are yet to hear back from the council.

As a born and bred local I don’t see the problem with the Caledonian Hotel displaying the flag on their roof it not only adds character to the building but also shows their knowledge of Australian history. Singleton Council should be ashamed of themselves, please show your support for the Caledonian Hotel, the right to display/fly the flag and most importantly Freedom by signing.

Source – https://www.change.org/p/caledonian-hotel-s-right-to-fly-heritage-flag-on-a-heritage-building