The latest installment of the #TwitterFiles shows the U.S. government used Twitter to rig the COVID-19 debate and censor views that didn’t align with it’s desired narrative.

The Twitter files released by Elon Musk have confirmed every single conspiracy theory that was labeled “misinformation” over the past few years is actually, to the surprise of no one, true. We’ve long suspected fact-checking is a total joke and is merely a mechanism by which the FBI, CIA, or powers at be can manipulate the public by suppressing views, even if true, that they don’t like. It really is astonishing—far worse than anything we could have imagined.

It goes deep . . . deep state deep.

Journalist David Zweig on Monday published internal emails showing “countless instances” of Twitter posts being censored or labeled as “misleading” because they differed from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines or “establishment views” on COVID-19 or vaccines.

Since the beginning of December, select independent journalists have been given internal communications under Twitter’s previous management by Elon Musk, which laid the background for Twitter’s concerning BFF (Best Friends Forever) relationship with the FBI and CIA. It is alarming, to say the least, but not at all surprising to any of us who have been living with our eyes wide open since the COVID pandemic began.

The most recent Twitter files to be dropped discussed how Twitter, with the help of our beloved bought-out government, manipulated the COVID-19 narrative to censor and suppress information. It is perhaps the biggest (known) psychological experiment of all time—a psychological experiment that completely manipulated our sense of reality.

Can you even fathom how many people died because they didn’t have access to information needed to make informed decisions about treatments, or how many people died because they got in line for an ineffective experimental shot they were told was safe to protect them against a virus, that for the vast majority of people, is benign?

You can read the thread regarding the first set of COVID-19 files on David Zweig’s Twitter account. (Click on the image and then “show this thread” to read the entire thing.) You can also read about it in The Free Press.

Let me sum this up for you:

  1. The U.S. government pressured Twitter and other social media platforms to prioritize certain content and suppress anything on COVID-19 that did not suit its narratit. Both the Trump and Biden administration utilized this tactic
  2. This tactic was utilized by both the Trump and Biden administrations, at least according to what was posted. The Trump administration, for example, wanted to combat misinformation regarding “panic buying” at grocery stores (which was probably initiated and perpetuated by the corporate media to undermine his administration). The Biden administration wanted scientific views on COVID-19 entirely censored. When Biden took office, one of their first requests with Twitter executives pertained to COVID-19 and anti-vaxxer accounts like Alex Berenson’s.
  3. It’s evident from the Twitter files that the company succumbed to the Biden administration’s requests and pressure.
  4. The Biden administration was “very angry” that certain accounts were not de-platformed, at least according to Twitter executives who held a meeting with these angry people.
  5. Twitter didn’t always do what Biden wanted, but they did suppress expert views from doctors and scientists that would have “expanded the public debate.”
  6. Much of the content moderation was done by bots and contractors. Zweig explains in detail why this was a problem and the bias against the right that resulted.
  7. In Zweig’s review, he found “countless instances of tweets labeled as “misleading” or taken down entirely, sometimes triggering account suspensions, simply because they veered from CDC guidance or differed from establishment views.”
  8. Content that was contrarian but true was flagged or censored.
  9. Many Trump tweets led to “extensive internal debates.” For example, Jim Baker, Twitter’s former Deputy General Counsel, asked why telling penot tonot too not be afraid of COVID waviolatingon of Twitter’s COVID-19 misinformation policy. They literally wanted to flag Trump’s account because his tweet was optimistic about COVID. The Deep State wanted people to be terrified of COVID, arguably because fearful people are easier to manipulate and control.
  10. Twitter decided based on the political leanings of its top staff and government pressure to adopt the public health authorities’ approach to the pandemic. Information that challenged the official narrative, downplayed the “risks of COVID,”—especially for children—or that exposed the harms of vaccines were censored.

According to Elon Musk, this was just an “introductory thread.” A follow-up piece is publishing next week featuring leading doctors and researchers from Harvard, Standard, and other institutions.

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