We Can Help Victims of Unlawful Arrests, Excessive Force, Strip Searches, Misconduct, and Corruption. All Areas. Call Today.

At isuepolice.com, we assist victims of police abuse, brutality, and other misconduct, seek justice and compensation from the police.  If you were strip-searched, assaulted, shot with rubber bullets, pepper-sprayed or arrested unlawfully, we are here to help you. Our team is the fastest growing network of police accountability experts in Australia and we always fight for the best and highest awards for your family. If you have been mistreated by police, call, text or email us today. 0412944698 or Luke@isuepolice.com

IMPORTANT: If you have COVID fines you are contesting in court, or if you are also charged with resist arrest or assault police, you should also speak to a criminal lawyer. If you are found not guilty of resist arrest or assault police, it can make it VERY EASY AND QUICK for us to seek compensation on your behalf.

As a victim of police harassment and multiple unlawful strip searches myself, I know the emotional toll police misconduct can have on you and your family, and I understand how it can make you feel less safe when you are around police. I also know the feeling of satisfaction, once you have been compensated by the police.

Police have also been using unnecessary force in attempts to enforce the COVID-19 restrictions. This is unacceptable and if you believe this has happened to you or your family, please get in touch with us. Some victims have been arrested and handcuffed for not supplying ID, without the officers warning the person they are committing an offence and may be arrested. This is potentially unlawful and if this has happened to you, you may have a claim against the police.

Every day across Australia the police violate the Human Rights of innocent citizens. Unlawful arrests, illegal strip-searches and assaults on civilians by police are now commonplace in every State in the country. A single search on YouTube for ‘police abuse Australia‘ returns hundreds of videos of police abusing, assaulting, and violating the freedoms of those they are meant to protect.

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