I respond to a critic and a “fact checker.” You get to decide who is telling you the truth. Dr. Cole’s open offer to view the clots: no takers!

The critic, Eric Burnett, MD says there is nothing to see here: these are just regular post-mortem blood clots

You can watch his video here:

Then you can read the rebuttal I just got from Ryan Cole, MD and decide for yourself who is telling you the truth and who is lying to you. Please ask Dr. Burnett if he will accept Dr. Cole’s invitation to resolve the matter. He will never accept the invitation.

Dr. Cole’s response to Dr. Burnett doesn’t pull any punches

Eric Burnett, MD is an internist, not a pathologist, nor mortician. The arrogance of inferring that a mortician, a professional, beyond his experience, cannot make a valid observation beyond his own naïveté, is the epitome of hubris. He has likely seen one or two autopsies in his entire career. He has not seen, observed, nor described countless post mortem clots. A gelatinous saddle embolus is “apples to oranges” compared to these post “clot shot” death clots. He has never embalmed a body. He is entirely and exceedingly out of his lane. Post mortem, rubbery clots are as rare as hen’s teeth. He is likely covering his “gene injection” pushing ass. Morticians did not have trouble cannulating and embalming bodies prior to the jabs. He is acting as a bloviating, pharma, financial and hospital administrator defending shill, having zero experience, nor idea of what he speaks.

Something is overwhelmingly wrong with the “clot shot.” If he were half awake, his conjecture would not be reflecting  the myopic view of the inside of his inexperienced anus.

With a modicum of humility, he might acknowledge alarming rates of excess deaths in the hyper injected, young and healthy and see the actual harm of failed gene based experimental injections, that have maimed and killed hundreds of thousands to millions.

Having performed countless career autopsies, examined dozens of these novel clots, extensively explored the spike protein clotting mechanisms, diagnosed over 500,000 patients through the microscope, in my extensive career, I invite my colleague, Dr. Burnett, and any colleague, from around the world, to sit at my microscope, and observe the truth, and set aside their purchased pride. The cells don’t lie!!!

Honor the dead who speak loudly. Stop fantasizing that you can ever vaccinate ahead of an always mutating coronavirus, especially with a “variant expired” investigational gene product.

Honor your oath to “first do no harm,” instead of hiding behind an uninformed ego, shaded with harmfully naïve, humanity destroying pride.


Who had the more convincing argument?

Dr. Burnett – 2%

Dr. Cole – 98%


The fact checker

Here’s the “fact check

The “fact check” says:

  1. In the video montage of people who died suddenly, there is no information on some of these people that they were vaccinated. And there is no PROOF that the vaccine CAUSED the death.
  2. The quote from Gates was taken out of context.

He’s right on both points!

  1. It would be more convincing if the fact checker could rule out the vaccine in the cause of these deaths. But he does not.
  2. I’ve personally heard Gates express his rationale for how the vaccine reduces population growth (the argument is that families will need to have fewer kids because more will survive).

He missed one too which I will point out: the footage shown at 47:45 of a man falling off a chair near his long desk is not recent. That footage came out in early Jan. 2020.

I’m sure there are other errors. And I think the implications of this being a conspiracy to depopulate the planet is not well supported.

The big point is that our “fact checker” conveniently ignores the primary claim about the embalmers. That’s the meat of the story here. Over 100 embalmers are seeing “never before seen” clots only in people who have been vaccinated or received blood transfusions. The embalmers I’ve talked to are seeing these clots in over half the deaths. The fact check is silent on the major point of the movie. There’s a reason for that: there is no way to refute it or provide an alternate explanation. So they hope that their fact check will cause you to avoid watching the film by focusing on parts that are less convincing.


Did the “fact checker” convince you that the vaccine is perfectly safe and there is nothing to worry about?

Yes, I’m going to get vaccinated


No, he avoided the key points



Here are two other pieces attempting to debunk Died Suddenly

  1. Medpage Today ran this story: “Experts Debunk Claims From New Anti-Vax Documentary.”
  2. David Gorski ran this story on his blog written by Benjamin Schmidt: A clot too far: An embalmer dissects antivax misinformation about blood clots in Died Suddenly. The embalmers say that clots first appeared in mid 2021. If they were caused by COVID, why weren’t they seen before that? The piece is silent on that. The writer admits he is not familiar with even a single case history of any of these clots and he has never seen any of these clots himself. Why doesn’t he call me and I’ll put him in touch? He says these are all explained in the textbooks, but 100 embalmers say they’ve never seen these clots before the vaccines rolled out. Finally, Gorski couldn’t find an embalmer who has actually done any embalming in the past 5 years to write the critique. That tells you something.

This more of the same… experts who opine on evidence that they have never seen. All decline to examine the evidence first-hand to try explain it. I will pay all expenses.

On Dec 10, 2022 at 2:40pm PST, I emailed David Gorski requesting that Benjamin Schmidt give me a call:

Can you have him give me a call? I’d like to pay for his expenses and fees to visit Ryan Cole to look at these clots first hand so we can resolve any issues.

This is important as I don’t want to spread any misinformation.

Please give him my number and have him give me a call xxxxxxxx

I will update this article if I hear anything. Don’t hold your breath. These people like to write articles, but they don’t like to be held accountable for their words and they are never interested in validating whether what they wrote is correct.

And more debunking the supposed debunkers

  1. An excellent article by AMD regarding the clots and the people who try to discredit this evidence; it has an entire section devoted to debunking Dr. Burnett.
  2. A Dr. Drew episode on YouTube discussing these clots (entitled “Foot-Long Blood Clots” From mRNA, Says Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole w/ Dr Kelly Victory – Ask Dr. Drew). The videohas been live for 8 days now and not censored and it has over 471,000 views.

There was also a video (Could These Mysterious Clots be the Cause of Death?) where Dr. Chris Martenson explains how it is physically impossible for these clots to be formed post-mortem.

Finally, watch this Epoch Times interview of Dr. Cole where he explains again that “the cells don’t lie.”

Nobody wants to look at the evidence

Dr. Copeland who is a “regular” on Clubhouse agreed in front of a live audience of over 300 people on 12/9/22 to my invitation to visit Dr. Cole’s lab and debunk these clots. When I told him it would be recorded, he immediately backed out. Funny, Dr. Cole isn’t camera shy.

As of Dec 10, 2022, nobody has expressed any interest in travelling to Dr. Cole’s lab to examine the clots first hand. It’s an all-expense paid trip. I can’t understand the reluctance. How much do I have to pay someone prominent to do this and have the whole thing recorded for the public?


The embalmer observations are not debatable. Anyone who tries to debunk it will fail. The cells don’t lie.

This is why no mainstream media reporter will touch this story and why Dr. Burnett will never accept Dr. Cole’s kind offer.

Source – https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/answering-the-critics-of-died-suddenly