Karvelas is a strong advocate of the Albanese Government‘s proposal for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. She tweeted a message of support from the Labor 2022 election night party, posing with Labor’s Indigenous Affairs spokeswoman Linda Burney and writing: “This woman is a legend and looks like she will be the next Indigenous affairs minister #UluruStatement”.[26][27] ABC Managing Director told a Senate Estimates hearing on 29 November that this did “not” demonstrate political bias.[28]

In a 13 Nov article for the ABC, Karvelas likened the referendum to enshrine an indigenous body within the constitution to the same-sex-marriage debate, and endorsed Noel Pearson‘s claim that “heartless” people opposing the Voice will be easy, writing that it would be “like shooting fish in a barrel because of the racism inherent to the colonisation experience that has not been reckoned with.”[29] For RN Breakfast following the National Party‘s November announcement that it would oppose the Voice, Karvelas conducted an 8 minute combative interview with Nationals Leader David Littleproud, rejecting his arguments as “inaccurate”, before conducting a supportive extended 17 minute interview with Voice proponent Noel Pearson, in which he attacked Littleproud and Indigenous Senator Jacinta Price without cross examination

Source – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patricia_Karvelas#Advocacy_for_an_Indigenous_Voice_to_Parliament