Human Rights Advocates Australia has won another case in relation to the client being unable to enter their mothers room in facility due to vaccination status.

“My mum has often complained about not being able to move freely around the facility over the last few months. Both my mum and I feel like she is in a prison.

Mask wearing becomes an issue as my mum has a lot of trouble hearing and is unable to wear a hearing aid. Currently my mum is confined to her room due to outbreak of Rhinovirus. She is consistently on the phone to me pleading with me to let her die. My mum has suffered for quite a few years now with depression but since all this Covid rubbish it has worsened.

My mum also finds it incredibly upsetting when her room is not in order, especially as the carer’s don’t have time to hang up her clothes or clean her fridge. These are jobs that I should be attending to. I also use to bring food to my mum and easily replenish items when required. One of the few pleasures my mum has left is when I bring something she enjoys eating.

When I use to see her in the room it allows me to better interact with staff so I can better find out how she is doing. I can also keep a better check on how she is going with her medications. As this has also been a roller coast ride over the years.
I was allowed to see her in her room once at the end of June (on compassionate grounds) when my brother passed away. I found her fridge and some of her drawers to be quite an unpleasant environment which I immediately cleaned.

Honestly, most of the staff are pleasant but they seem overworked and I really think people have stopped caring as they are swamped with all their rules and regulations. I have also found particularly in the last few weeks I have had medical questions and I never receive a phone call back. I have always stayed quiet over the previous years about certain things as my mum was initially quite a handful. But now I have reached my limits and know what is going on is morally wrong.

Seeing family is the only thing she has to look forward to. My sister and myself are her only visitors. My sister lives 4 hours away in the country and has also been denied entry the few times she has been to Perth.

There is no dignity in her final years of life. This is such a sad situation for my mum and so many in this situation.”

Since contacting HRAA, we have negotiated policy changes and our client is now allowed back at the facility to visit their mother, unvaccinated. EXACTLY how it should be. 

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