A Twitter user asked ChatGPT to create a “social credit score” for a group of liberal, vaccine-pushing doctors versus a group of conservative doctors and others who oppose the way the coronavirus pandemic was handled — and the result shows leftists have already corrupted the AI program in order to push their agenda.

Simon Goddek, who describes himself as a science journalist, said he had asked the artificial intelligence chat producer from OpenAI to score a group of 20 people based on their discussions about the coronavirus pandemic.

He reported all the conservatives were given low social credit scores, with “main impact factors” such as “pseudoscience,” “right-wing propaganda,” “conspiracy theories,” “science skepticism” and “divisive politics,” while the left-wingers were found to be perfectly benign experts on virology, public health and science.

Indeed, ranked No. 1 on the list was the disgraced virus huckster Dr. Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who was scored highly for “pandemic response” and “public health expertise.”

Meanwhile, at the bottom was conservative theorist Jordan Peterson, with Twitter CEO Elon Musk given the second-worst social credit score.

“I asked @OpenAI to provide me with a Social Credit Score for the above-mentioned people,” Goddek said, adding that Peterson and Musk would “go straight to the Gulag.”

That prompted Peterson to joke, “See you in hell, Elon.”

China, of course, uses an expansive social credit system to punish people for behaving in ways of which the communist government disapproves.

In Goddek’s ChatGPT experiment, Dr. Robert W. Malone, an expert in mRNA technology who raised questions about the COVID-19 vaccines, was ranked 13th with a negative social credit score for “vaccine misinformation” and “science skepticism.”

He said he was appalled by the display of bias in ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence architecture.

“It has become clear that ‘artificial intelligence’ tools such as OpenAI/ChatGPT are just more 5th-gen warfare tools to be used against people who go against the system,” Malone said in reply to Goddek’s tweet. “Garbage in = Garbage out.

“Interesting that OpenAI and ChatGPT are being promoted by the World Economic Forum.”

Malone was just ahead of Fox News host Tucker Carlson in the AI-generated social credit score rankings.

ChatGPT has been touted as “artificial intelligence” that creates stories, texts and replies to questions based strictly on “the facts.” But what is becoming increasingly clear is the system has been programmed with left-wing doggerel as a base set of parameters, and, as Malone noted, instead of “intelligence,” all we end up with is garbage out from the garbage that has been programmed in.

Musk, who has warned about the corruption of AI, was shocked by another Twitter user’s experiment with ChatGPT. Isaac Latterell asked the AI whether the billionaire entrepreneur was “controversial” and needed to be treated in a “special manner.”

The answer to both questions was “yes,” to which Musk replied with a pair of exclamation points.

Latterell reported ChatGPT had no issues with most of the liberals on the list. President Joe Biden, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and actress and talk-show host Oprah Winfrey were all pronounced to be uncontroversial and in no need of special treatment.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and the Republican Party were deemed controversial and in need of special treatment by ChatGPT.

If that doesn’t convince you, Politique Republic writer Amuse said he asked ChatGPT a long series of questions on who is trustworthy and who has lied or hasn’t lied on the political scene today, and the AI program rated practically every claim by a Democrat as “true.”

As far as the writer was concerned, his experiment proved that ChatGPT is nothing but “Democrat propaganda.”

Artificial intelligence could be a useful tool for mankind’s future, and a lot of companies are looking to exploit it. But if all it is going to be is just another technology co-opted by the extreme left to push its dangerous, often anti-human ideology, it will only make life worse for all of us.

Source – https://www.westernjournal.com/see-elon-chatgpt-ranks-tucker-jordan-peterson-musk-anthony-fauci-left-leaning-figures/