Abrien Aguirre is a board certified occupational therapist in Hawaii and made the claim in an interview with Hawaii Free Speech News.

“I’ve seen 32 elderly people pass away immediately after taking the Moderna vaccine. None of that is being talked about on the news. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

“I’ve seen more patients die from the vaccine than from Covid,” he said.

The health care worker works for the largest skilled nursing facility in Oahu, Hawaii and has worked on three separate Covid-19 wards with elderly patients.

“The people moved to the Covid unit, didn’t have Covid. They tested positive with the PCR test, but most of them were asymptomatic and only suffering from their pre-existing conditions.

“People with other terminal conditions were listed as Covid deaths, a billing department in a nursing facility had therapists change its medical diagnosis codes from conditions such as pulmonary disorder to Covid to get higher reimbursements.”

Aguirre also claimed that in some instances people were listed as having Covid-19 who had not even tested positive for the alleged virus.

“It’s just fraud on every level. My advice to people – If your elderly are sick, your grandmother, your great grandmother, your mum, don’t send them to a skilled nursing facility”