CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA – An investigation has started into the sudden death of a primary school teacher. Sara McCarthy, an avid runner, had a stroke and collapsed on August 4th after returning from a 10km jog. The 45-year-old had received her second Pfizer dose just 1 week before on July 28th. The healthy mother with no underlying issues, was found unconscious on a suburban street footpath. She was flown to Gold Coast hospital and had emergency blood clot procedures but never recovered. She died on Friday, August 13th.

The conditions, known as myocarditis and pericarditis, can, in severe cases, lead to stroke or heart attack due to blood clots forming in the heart. The COVID World has recently covered cases of myocardits and pericarditis in professional athletes in Italy. Football player Pedro Obiang and volleyball player Francesca Marcon both suffered from these conditions after their COVID-19 vaccinations. Japanese baseball player Yusuke Kinoshita, is said to have exercised intensely directly after his vaccination, which is suspected to have contributed to his collapse and sudden death. Professional Portuguese runner Marílio Costa Leite, died during a trail run 2 days after he was vaccinated. A Belgian doctor strongly advised not to exercise for at least 1 week after vaccination, this, after 3 Belgian youth cyclists were hospitalized with heart problems shortly after their second inoculation.

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