Social media platforms utilize a select group of “fact checkers” to control the flow of news and information across the internet. USA Today is one such “fact checking” authority. USA Today is allowed to operate in a defamatory and anti-competitive way, to suppress objective reporting and censor independent media across Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. USA Today is allowed to push corporate propaganda and left-wing narratives with impunity, all while smearing reputable journalists, scientists and information analysts who dissent to the forced doctrines of the day.

Well now, an internal investigation has found that one of its reporters used quotes deceptively and fabricated sources to push forth propaganda on the issues of vaccines, abortion and Ukraine.

USA Today twists reality to force propaganda narratives on the public

USA Today has an entire team dedicated to “fact checking” the independent media, and they proudly display this operation on their website. By claiming a monopoly on the “facts,” the propaganda rag is setting itself up to fail in the public’s eye. People don’t want to knowingly submit to a select group of self-righteous know-it-alls, who bully everyone in their path to believe a twisted version of reality.

USA Today has repeatedly disgraced itself in the past, going as far to claim that there is “science” to assert that pedophilia is “determined in the womb.” This organization cannot be taken seriously. In another one of their so-called fact checks, they claimed that it was “true” that the official Trump 2020 t-shirt contained a “Nazi symbol.”

In another instanceUSA Today had to fire their “race and inclusion” editor, Hemal Jhaveri, for claiming that the Boulder supermarket shooting was a result of “white people.” The examples of biased propaganda, parading as news, goes on and on. (Related: Low-IQ “fact checkers” are paid by Big Pharma to remove anti-pharma content from the internet.)

USA Today reporter fabricated sources to push out propaganda on vaccines, abortion, Ukraine

After an internal audit, it turns out that USA Today needs to conduct a little more “fact checking” of its own writers and articles. One of their own reporters got caught fabricating their sources across 23 articles. USA Today was forced to delete these 23 articles after an “external correction request” prompted an internal audit of the reporter, her fabricated sources, and misappropriated quotes.

The internal investigation found that breaking news reporter, Gabriela Miranda, violated basic journalistic standards and tried to deceive the public. At least 23 of her articles did not meet USA Today’s “editorial standards.” Her now-defunct articles used fraudulent quotes to take aim at the Texas abortion ban. She also made false claims to target “antivaxxer” content. She fabricated sources to write propaganda pieces on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. She has since resigned from her position.

The New York Times reported that Gabriela Miranda “took steps to deceive investigators by producing false evidence of her news gathering, including recordings of interviews.” Gabriela quoted individuals who weren’t even affiliated with the organizations that she misrepresented. She used quotes that should have been credited to other people. Some of the quotes were fabricated altogether; the existence of the individuals could not be verified.

Despite blatant errors and acts of deception and fraud across multiple topics, USA Todaycontinues to be used as an authority for facts. Big Tech continues to use USA Todaypropaganda to prop up evil narratives and suppress the truth online.

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