All these unexplained heart attacks in vaccinated people since 2021? Odds are that the vaccines played a significant role in the death.

Executive summary

If a healthy person suddenly dies, and there’s no antecedent disease, it’s the vaccine until proven otherwise.


Fact checkers aren’t checking facts in these unexplained cardiac deaths. Their job is to promote the “safe and effective” false narrative.

Fact checkers (such as Ciara O’Rourke of PolitiFact) who claim that the vaccine didn’t cause the death of a person (in this case, Ray Liotta) can only make that claim if either:

  1. The autopsy actually did the proper stains to look for vaccine involvement and found nothing. But only one pathologist in the US is doing these stains and in 100% of the cases he’s looked at so far, the vaccine was implicated in the death.
  2. The family says that the deceased was never vaccinated with the COVID vaccine

Have you ever seen a sudden cardiac death since 2021 where either of the two conditions above were satisfied? I haven’t.

O’Rourke basically relies on the statement of Jennifer Allen, Ray Liotta’s publicist to determine the cause of his untimely death:

“The family has not released the cause of death yet, but I do know the cause, and (it) has nothing to do with COVID or the vaccine,” she told us in an email. 

O’Rourke never describes Allen’s medical credentials. Why not?

Based on Allen’s statement, PolitiFact rates the claim that the vaccine caused Ray Liotta’s death as “Pants on fire” which is the worst possible PolitiFact rating.

That’s right. A publicist with no medical training is rated as the definitive source of truth of a cause of death and top cardiologists are deemed not credible at all. I’m serious. You can’t make this stuff up.

I’d love to interview Jennifer Allen about her statement.

PolitiFact won’t talk to me after I released a video showing how corrupt their fact checkers are

I’d also love to interview O’Rourke about her “fact check,” but all the fact checkers I know are camera shy, especially those from PolitiFact.

The “fact checkers” from PolitiFact all refuse to talk to me after I released this video showing how corrupt their fact checkers are. That video has over 150,000 views and is one of the most popular videos I’ve ever done. If you haven’t seen it already, check it out. It’s just 30 minutes long and has over 1,000 Rumbles.

You can also view the email correspondence with the head honcho at PolitiFact here. It’s a riot.

There are hundreds of thousands of unexplained deaths since the vaccines rolled out

The Died Suddenly group on Facebook reached over 300,000 members and was growing at over 20,000 members a day with no advertising until Facebook shut down the group.

Facebook as a company wants to make sure that those who are injured or died from the vaccine will not be able to communicate with each other as this would enable people to figure out that the US government has killed over 500,000 Americans with these vaccines.

Have you ever asked yourself why, if the vaccines are so safe, were so many people joining the Died Suddenly Facebook group after the vaccines rolled out? This has never happened before in the entire history of Facebook. Why now?

Why isn’t the mainstream press asking Facebook to explain that?

I’d love to know how Facebook would explain that and why the mainstream press isn’t asking that question.

See also this article which contains a list of more unexplained deaths (see the references included in the article as only a few unexplained deaths are highlighted in the article itself).

The tragic death of a hero. He died from the vaccine, but they made sure nobody will ever find out.

This vaccine-related death of Mick Crawford, an 18-year-old hero, is particularly tragic. No autopsy was performed because of his organ donor status.

Two top cardiologists are saying the exact same thing. Unexplained cardiac arrest in a vaccinated person? We should assume it’s the vaccine until proven otherwise.

The article on Mick Crawford’s death quotes Peter McCullough from this video (please watch at 4:20 for just 60 seconds):

If a healthy person suddenly dies, and there’s no antecedent disease, it’s the vaccine until proven otherwise.

Does what Dr. McCullough said sound similar to what Dr. Malhotra concluded?

Dr. Malhotra said in his video:

It is my duty and responsibility as a consultant cardiologist and public health campaigner to urgently inform doctors, patients and members of the public that the COVID mRNA vaccine has likely played a significant role of being a primary cause in all unexpected cardiac arrests, heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure since 2021, until proven otherwise.

It’s basically identical. Two of the world’s top cardiologists independently came to the exact same conclusion.

There shall be no debates because all the “experts” who support the “safe and effective” narrative are camera shy

Does anyone want to debate them? Of course not! Nobody in the world will debate either of them because they would lose very badly.

Not even the famous vaccine-debunker Dr. David Gorski will debate these experts. Gorski runs for cover whenever we’ve tried to get him to appear on camera and be challenged, kind of like cockroaches do when you turn on the lights.

That is why the mainstream media (including social media) are censoring these experts instead of allowing their voices to be heard.

See Vinay Prasad’s op-ed for why this is not what science is about.


If a healthy person suddenly dies, and there’s no antecedent disease, it’s the vaccine until proven otherwise.

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