Zimbabwe 100 trillion dollar note

There was a revolution in traffic management about 30 years ago called “The  Green Wave” where intersections were wired together in such a way that vehicular traffic could expect continuous green lights in the main direction of the rush hour. Nowadays they could considerably improve on this with all the cameras and networking systems being installed, so that time stopping at red lights could be halved, just by using existing cameras and simple logistics to exactly determine how much traffic was approaching various intersections.

But this public-spirited idea doesn’t appear to have entered the heads of authorities, who have been instructed to use the cameras for revenue collection via surveillance so that now you can get a heavy penalty just for putting the nose of your car slightly over the white line if a traffic light is red. The public paid for these cameras and they are being used not to assist the public but to penalise them, so as usual we are paying for our own imprisonment.

Another Green Wave occurred at the 2022 Australian Federal Election where the swing towards Green and Teal parties was massive, roughly equivalent to the abundance of Climate Change stories in the news lately. Consequently state conservative parties are in sheer terror of losing their seats, Victoria is next in line and clearly the Teal threat is worse than the ALP threat, so anyone’s Climate Change narratives will not be challenged, no matter how absurd they are, this is our new religion.

Politics drifting leftward is not a new thing, it has been around for hundreds of years, witness the whigs giving way to the Tories and the rise of Labour, in England.

Financial backing for the Teals comes from Climate 200’s Simon Holmes à Court who says ‘no strings attached’ to campaign funding to challenge Liberals. Holmes à Court’s father, Australia’s first billionaire Robert Holmes à Court officially died unexpectedly in September 1990 leaving his wife Janet to run the family businesses, reportedly very successfully as it happens. After his official death date he was not heard from again as far as I am aware, however it is perhaps an oddity that his son would be providing de-facto “kingmaker” support for the ALP at this time, via the narrative of Climate Change, which to judge simply by local weather has not warmed up at all.


Australia will now be embarking on a carbon neutral program to supposedly save the environment, while China and India fearlessly add coal-fired power stations as quickly as they please, and while NATO and Russia spend billions of dollars on single use missiles and other weaponry, to destroy opponents’ very expensive infrastructure and weapons. Just flying a military jet costs upwards of $15,000 per hour.

Mainland China’s governing body, the CCP,  has cancelled Green New Deal talks after the Pelosi visit and instead blockaded Taiwan; the carbon emissions are anyone’s guess.

Now we see the price of insurance is to go up universally by about 10%, presumably because of the supposed threats such as  Climate Change, to weather and sea levels. We have droughts claimed in Europe, highlighted with fires apparently started by arsonists, and at the same time floods in Asia. Very recently it was floods in Europe. Now we see the Rhine is becoming too shallow to navigate; other reports say it simply needs dredging because it has filled up with silt. Climate Change or just video camera proliferation, it would appear the governments running the major (Central Bank credit-powered) budgets are counting on the latter to justify the former.

Media will take care of the editing, to hyper-leverage the normal peak summer weather with video of a few dried out creek beds in France, Spain, Morocco, or, they could be anywhere really. Just for the moment, floods will be put on hold, in favour of arson attacks in Portugal. Ten years ago Britain was entirely covered in snow and we were all astonished. The common element to burning up and freezing to death is the deft use of photos and video footage.


This Climate Change is enough to merchandise any amount of product that people don’t really need, from air-conditioners and sunscreen in Scotland to flood insurance just about anywhere. Note: useful flood insurance is unaffordable.

Terrain really does rise and fall, in Yellowstone Park it is well documented, the cause is magma under the surface, and the entire earth’s crust floats on magma in the same way.


Reinsurance is a Globalist monopoly and drives the final cost of retail insurance to the public, government and businesses. Thanks to modern safety ideas combined with litigation, we need more and more of this product.

The top reinsurers are (by premiums): 1. Munich (USD 45b 2020), 2. Swiss Re (USD 36b 2020) 3. Hannover Ruck (USD 30b 2020) with all the major countries following including 11. Bermuda, for a world total of USD 320b (2020).

Much as the Reserve Bank can expect to influence the private banking interest rates with its overnight rate, the reinsurers will move market sentiment according to their co-ordinated requirements.

From Google:

“The global insurance market size is expected to grow from $5,376.92 billion in 2021 to $5,938.41 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate of 10.4%. The global insurance market size is expected to grow to $8,398.11 billion in 2026.”

From Google:

“99% of all term policies never pay out a claim. This is due to most people letting their policies lapse. If you buy a $250,000, 20-year term policy, and inflation is about 4% a year, your policy will lose 56% of its value over the next 20 years.”

Many types of insurance are legislated by the government, or mandated by banks for mortgage lending and other forms of credit.

I very much doubt the world received anything like USD 5 trillion in insurance payouts in 2020 or any year previous. If any proposition was likely to be a significant liability the insurers would prefer not take it on.

The world is being sold Climate Change (erratic weather combined with disaster photos) like a gold rush, the entire exercise is weakening the collective good of the citizens of the world as their dwindling funds are being further siphoned away from useful infrastructure and as usual, into grand swindles, at an ever-increasing rate, guided by the steady hand of our political classes.

Source – https://gumshoenews.com/the-green-wave/