“We, the Australian people have been deceived. We have been lied to. We must face reality.  The Covid gene-based vaccines have undoubtedly failed to live up to expectations. These so-called vaccines do not prevent infection, they do not prevent transmission of infection and they are not keeping people out of hospital. These so-called vaccines are not safe.  They have caused more deaths and serious adverse effects than any drug in the history of medicine.” – Phillip M. Altman, Clinical Trial and Drug Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Dr. Altman made the above statement at the beginning of his speech at the Australian Medical Professionals Society’s (“AMPS”) ‘Reclaiming Medicine Conference 2022’ held in Melbourne on 10 September 2022.  You can view the line-up of speakers and watch the entire conference HERE, Dr. Altman’s speech begins at around the timestamp 1 hr 34 mins.

Dr. Phillip Altman has a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons), a Bachelor and Masters of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy.  He works as a clinical trial and regulatory affairs pharmaceutical industry consultant with more than 40 years of experience in designing, managing and reporting clinical trials.  Dr. Altman has dealt extensively with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (“TGA”) throughout his career.

Too many lives have been lost and the time has come to speak the truth, he told the AMPS Conference attendees:

Countless thousands of health professionals and scientists across the world, including myself, are totally convinced these vaccines are doing more harm than good.

We have been misled and repeatedly lied to by our celebrity health bureaucrats over the need for lockdowns, the effectiveness of paper and cloth masks and completely brainless vaccine mandates which have no basis in science.

[The] so-called experts have given us a long list of misinformation and disinformation from the very beginning which continues to this very day which is resulting in serious health and social consequences.

An orchestrated mass media censorship allows disinformation to go unchallenged. The media is complicit it is shameful, deplorable and disgraceful.

Incompetent health advice led Melbourne to become known as the lockdown capital of the world.  These senseless lockdowns destroyed lives.

The fear campaign was purposely driven by the inappropriate use of the PCR testing which we know is not diagnostic for disease and was never intended for that purpose. Fear stampeded the trusting public into accepting new gene-based so-called “vaccines” because our chief health bureaucrats and vaccine experts said they were “safe and effective.”

I’ve made two detailed submissions to the National Covid Clinical Evidence Task Force where I provided details of successful national campaigns of early treatment of Covid-19 with ivermectin for hundreds of millions of people in India, in Peru, in Mexico and other countries. These so-called experts did not even bother to respond.  The arrogance is breath-taking.

the public was tricked into believing these gene-based vaccines were “approved.”  They are not approved. They are “provisionally approved” by the TGA and there is a huge difference.

The difference is that they have not been proven to be safe and efficacious as claimed.  The manufacturers have been given up to six years to provide the outstanding safety and efficacy data.

And now, after 18 months of worldwide use, we are seeing the highest rates of death and serious adverse events ever associated with any drug released in history … Non-Covid related excess death numbers including cancers, heart attack, stroke diabetes and neurological disease all around the world have risen significantly. These increased numbers of deaths coincide with the Covid vaccine rollouts.

The unsuspecting and trusting public was told by our most senior public health officials that these so-called vaccines were safe and effective without any qualification.  This was not only misinformation, this was reckless. It is illegal to make false and misleading therapeutic claims.

Despite what we now know, people are still being forced into Covid-19 vaccine injections which carry the risk of serious injury and death … otherwise, they lose their jobs.

Those responsible for this stain on humanity cannot wash their hands of this injustice and claim they did not know better. They must be held to account.

Early treatment with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine was banned in Australia not because these established drugs did not work … [but] because the use of these important cheap and widely used drugs might reduce vaccination uptake. Our TGA has admitted this, specifically in relation to ivermectin. And has refused to disclose the names of those responsible in a Freedom of Information Request. Shameful, that is the truth.

The UK, Sweden and Denmark have all moved to pull back their vaccine recommendations due to safety concerns – but not Australia. Because we have been selected as a test case by overseas power brokers.

Due to health regulator pressure to adhere to the “safe” Covid vaccine only narrative doctors are often reluctant to admit to the possibility that the covid vaccines are causing serious injury and death.  As a result, reports of serious injury and death are being minimised or dismissed out of hand behind closed doors by faceless people whose employment and careers are linked directly to the vaccine industry. Our safety net has failed – we are not safe.

The above are a few excerpts from Dr. Altman’s speech. We strongly urge all our readers, in particular those who live in Australia, to listen to Dr. Altman’s full speech below.

Watch the video on Rumble. Or you can watch the video on Bitchute HERE.

Source – https://expose-news.com/2022/11/06/australian-people-have-been-lied-to-dr-phillip-altman/