Some misinformation is more equal than others.

Bill Bowtell was paraded around by the ABC as a health expert early in the pandemic. It turns out he was a former Keating staffer and who had no medical qualifications whatsoever. He was awarded an honorary title adjunct professor which gave him an air of expertise but in reality it meant nothing.
He was employed by the notorious Kirby Institute which has a reputation for make dire predictions about viruses. Another of their acolytes, Raina McIntyre made a fool of herself in 2009 when she predicted 20,000 deaths from swine flu.

When Norman Swan blamed Covid for the deaths of Kimberley Kitching and Shane Warne there was little uproar from the establishment media.

Why would there be. Covid has been blamed on sorts of deaths. Kitching and Warne didn’t even have Covid when they died.

Heck, even the TGA have admitted that the PCR tests can’t even distinguish between live and dead virus but it’s still the gold standard for testing Covid. A false positive doesn’t stop the authorities from assigning Covid as the cause of death.

You’d think the ABC would uphold editorial standards and do more than make Norman Swan apologize. But hey, this is our ABC, responsible for some of the worst Covid fear mongering.

Of course had the foot been on the other shoe, and someone suggest the vaccine was responsible for their deaths there would have been outrage from the media.
It’s just another example of how bureaucrats and the media are not held to account.

Norman Swan apologises for linking Kimberley Kitching and Shane Warne’s deaths to Covid | Australian Broadcasting Corporation | The Guardian

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