There has been a new release of information on the TGAs FOI Disclosure Log, and it’s significant.

FOI 4032 – Proportionality Reporting Ratio analyses for the COVID-19 vaccines to October 22 show that they cause a higher rate of injury than other vaccines in the same class.

The ratio isn’t just marginally higher – it is huge with some injury rates greater than 10 times other vaccines of the same class.

Despite this alarming safety signal, Health Authorities still claim the vaccines are safe and effective without the full disclosure of this alarming signal.

In post market safety surveillance, proportional reporting ratio (PRR) is a useful first step for the detection of a safety signal. PRR is the ratio of the proportion of adverse events of interest with the drug versus other drugs. A PRR of greater than 1, indicates a potential safety signal.

The TGA does not share with the public, because they are not transparent, hence the need for the FOI. Further information is available online for anyone interested in learning more about Proportional Reporting Ratios, but not on the TGAs website, because they are not transparent.

Some of the released documents are a bit of a mess. The TGA have not disclosed some of the column values. Not all reported adverse reactions are listed in each individual document, indeed in the 1st document only a handful of reactions are listed, and I don’t know the reason for this. Many government agencies disclose the actual FOI request when they release information, but not the TGA, because they are not transparent. Being privy to the actual FOI request can give insight into the information released.

Further, spontaneous abortion, this is how the TGA describe reports of miscarriages, is missing from document 9, the most recent reporting period. Also, the reporting period of May 2021 is completely missing. It’s interesting to review these documents with the vaccine rollout in mind. To know what safety signals were already known to the TGA before the shots were recommended to pregnant women and children.

The TGA have a complex multilayered system of post market safety surveillance which I won’t detail here, but they are supposed to be ‘investigating’ any category of reactions with a PRR greater than 1.
These FOI documents list many reported reactions with a PRR great than 1. The TGA doesn’t have the capacity to conduct so many safety reviews simultaneously, which leads me to wonder how many times they have deviated from their own safety policies and procedures in relation to the PRRs in the post market surveillance data for the covid shots.

Not forgetting that all of the provisionally approved covid shots are also subject to the TGAs Black Triangle Scheme, which is supposed to mean enhanced monitoring.

View it at FOI Disclosure Log 4032.

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