It confirms that a crime was committed at the @TGAgovau

A 7 year old died of a cardiac arrest after an mRNA COVID vaccine and it was reported to the @TGAgovau….

Who did not tell Australian parents


The TGA also did not tell Australian parents when another child aged 9 died of a cardiac arrrest after a COVID vaccination


Following which other children will almost certainly have died, but these reports are the only ones we were able to get under FOI – from April 2022 – SIX MONTHS AGO.

Yet the TGA do not mention these deaths AT ALL.

This is from December 2022.…


Which takes you to the NCIRS website – Kristine Macartney’s organisation.

Kristine won an award last year for her role in promoting COVID vaccines…

Kristine’s award followed the documented fact (in her own testimony) that she received $65 MILLION in government grants for the years 2019-2021.

This is unprecedented in clinical medicine.
It’s an obscene amount of grant money.


This is what the NCIRS currently says about COVID-19 vaccines for children.

It is a lie to say that it protects against COVID-19 because it does not.

The deaths are not mentioned but the NCIRS KNEW or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that children had died.


Let’s get back to the TGA.

Two children died after a COVID vaccine – what we call a “never-event” in children post vaccination.

That is, an event that should NEVER happen.

Children were NEVER at risk from the disease and the vaccine didn’t prevent death in trials.


So who investigated these deaths?
It’s redacted but we know the TYPE of people involved.
PVB = pharmacovigilance branch
MO = medical officer
APS5 = level 5 investigational officer (…)

The head of the Pharmacovigilance branch is Elspeth Kay, the very same person who denied a FOI request for the investigative reports into the first 15 vaccine deaths under age 65.

The TGA think you do not have a right to know whether they did their job.


We know that the level 5 medical officer for the Pharmacovigilance branch was Michael Nissen, who was recruited from GSK-Pfizer the week the Pfizer vaccine was approved.

Recruited to oversee the vaccine safety signal program.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1600293459499581440|twgr^27cd0c101e7c1a71a608462e20bf0a98b1b83ffb|twcon^s1_&ref_url=

Interestingly, FOI 2986 doesn’t appear on the TGA’s FOI log. So Michael Nissen is a true ghost at the TGA.…


So it is highly likely that Nissen and Kay were present at those meetings and KNEW (or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN) that two children had died of a cardiac arrest after a vaccine that they didn’t need and for which no evidence existed that it prevented death.

They said nothing.

Are those present at this meeting therefore liable for any death of a child that subsequently occurred following a COVID vaccine?

And instead of coming forward, what happened?

*Somebody* decided they had to push a fake story

It is impossible to know if “Steve Leary” is real but what we do know is that stories (setup be be seen as fake) are seeded in the press in order to cover up a related but true story.

Steve Leary might be fake, but the TGA lied. They did receive a death report for a 7 year old


And how did the TGA investigate these deaths, that were absolutely likely to be related?

Autopsy? Nope.
Spike protein analysis? Nope
Referral for independent investigation? Nope

Nah, just stamp the form and move on.


Well, at least the “level 5 medical officer” still gets to keep his $238,000 salary.

And a pension, no doubt.

Original FOI TGA 3727 response:

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