In estimates I asked John Skerritt about the reported death of a 7 and 9 year old child that was marked as causal by the AEFI assessment team, the governments own review team.

As usual Skerritt tried to downplay these deaths. First of all by saying a decision was unable to be determined.

I find it strange that the assessment team would make a decision as causal if the cause of death was unable to be determined. It’s seems an oxymoronic statement.
If there wasn’t enough information then why didn’t the TGA investigate further. That’s their job.

Skerritt then tried to imply that the WHO category U means unable to be determined. It doesn’t say this at all. It says inadequate information available. So yet again why didn’t the TGA seek out more information?

Was it because they didn’t like what they would find out!

The WHO and an FOI to the UK government actually reveals however there is an ICD code U12.9 that relates to death by vaccines.

So “U” does most definitely not imply the death can’t be determined.

Skerritt has again mislead the Senate by downplaying the meaning of the AEFI assessment report and in effect downplaying the deaths of children.

U12.9 ICD: Click here

UK FOI: Click here

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