Various experts have been warning the world

The mainstream refuse to share, and the “fact checkers” perform their “slight of hand”, so the unsuspecting public miss the vital information and warnings that credentialed experts have been voicing throughout the pandemic – some before!

Providing you with links to interviews and articles to a growing list of:

Doctors, nurses, scientists, lawyers, Wall Street guru’s, economists, mathematicians, philanthropists, whistleblowers, citizen journalist and more.

All sharing insights and warnings relating to pandemic interventions and the bigger picture agenda which is unfolding before our eyes.

COVID-19 pandemic timeline

Building the picture – one data point at a time

History leaves clues

Capturing, in chronological order, significant data points leading up to and including the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Discover incremental changes through time, which on their own may seem laudable or benign, but watch them morph and put them together and the Totality of Evidence reveals a picture of ever increasing centralised control and influence.

Discover: Top down control, financial influence, conflicts of interest, consolidation of authorities, strategic funding, manipulated statistics, changed definitions, misconstrued assumptions, suppression of information, censorship, coincidental timing of events, repeated “phrases” used amongst organisations and much more, all leading to present day fear-mongering and over-reaching control of sovereign people

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