PayPal CEO Dan Schulman

Colin Wright, an evolutionary biologist, Substack writer, and a contributing editor to the academic publication Quillette, who frequently criticizes transgender ideology in his writing, has been blacklisted by PayPal, the web’s most widely-used online payment gateway, and Etsy, an e-commerce platform.

It is unclear why PayPal made the decision. Etsy accused Wright of “glorifying hatred or violence towards protected groups,” an accusation Wright called “totally outrageous.”

Wright is a frequent critic of the woke left in his writing, recently publishing an articlecriticizing sports authorities for allowing biological male Lia Thomas to compete against female swimmers.

In a Twitter thread, Wright revealed the blacklisting he has faced from various platforms.

“PayPal has notified me that ‘after a review, we have decided to permanently limit your account,’” reported Wright.

“I used PayPal to receive both 1-time and recurring donations from my supporters. When I asked why, they said I needed an attorney to submit a subpoena to find out.”

“And today my Etsy account was also permanently banned without warning, despite my totally benign product listings,” said Wright. “Things are getting scary, fast.”

“This is all getting ridiculous. If you want to support my work, for now my Substack is the only way to do it as I secure other ways for people to donate.”

PayPal has been at the forefront of efforts to financially blacklist critics of America’s ruling progressive ideology over the past half-decade. Last August, a co-founder of the company, David Sacks, slammed the company for blacklisting customers.

“Kicking people off social media deprives them of the right to speak in our increasingly online world,” wrote Sacks. “Locking them out of the financial economy is worse: It deprives them of the right to make a living.”

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