A local woman absolutely tears into the council in a heated debate where she compares Oxford to an open air prison and backs it up by revealing she knows because she worked in a prison.

The residents of Oxford have clearly had enough! The council is begging for residents to stop their resistance.

We will never comply with The Climate Con. This is just the beginning. The people of the UK are very hard to control, even though the government is considering sinister, sneaky behaviour changing methods.

This fight in Oxford is incredibly important not only for the UK but the entire world. The whole world was captivated by the recent vigilantes that were dismantling the ridiculous sectioning of their streets.

The UK is gearing up for a huge protest on February the 18th. More details will be posted on the website, newsletter and social media.

The pushback has only just begun.

Source – https://thegreatclimatecon.com/oxford-has-turned-into-an-open-air-prison/