Lab-raised steak, maggots as protein, microbe-made plastic: it’s called clean tech, and it’s growing fast in Australia.

Hear from the founders of Bardee, ULUU and Vow, three Australian companies that are transforming the way we eat, shop, dress and recycle – all to create a truly sustainable future. 

Bardee tackles food waste by enlisting millions of black soldier flies to produce organic fertiliser and protein for pet food – and, in time, human food too. ULUU has created a plastic alternative that decomposes naturally, even in the ocean, and is usable in everything from bags to car parts. Vow ‘grows’ meat in a lab, as a sustainable and delicious alternative. 

Hear from their respective co-founders, Phoebe Gardner, Dr Julia Reisser and George Peppou, in an inspiring panel hosted by environmentalist and advocate Claire O’Rourke.

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