John Skerritt heads the TGA in Australia and looks to be allowing an unfolding Australian Public Health disaster with regulatory decisions that favor the TGA’s biggest clients.

If tests with mice were enough to Convince our TGA that the Novel Technology mRNA, Lipid Nano Particle Platform, Covid 19 vaccines, were safe enough to release onto the Australian population; safe enough to release it upon infants through to the elderly:  It follows that a peer reviewed study on mice, showing that this vaccine platform goes well beyond what is NOT permitted in most major countries including Australia, should be enough to immediately stop the provisional approval of the Covid19 Vaccines, subject to further tests that eliminate the possibility of genetic modification in Humans as seen in the tests with mice.

The Peer Reviewed Study:

Link to Study :

This study showed two very dangerous observations:
A)Pre Exposure to The Lipid Nano Particles led to long-term inhibition of the adaptive immune responses.
This likely explains, in part, the explosion of Covid19 Vaccinated patients presenting to Hospitals with Covid19; while almost no unvaccinated patients are presenting to hospitals with Covid19.

A Link to NSW Hospital Data Displayed as it should be:

B) Mice pre-exposed to mRNA – Lipid Nano Particle vaccines CAN pass down the acquired immune traits to their offspring.
While this sounds great, what is terrifying is that this indicates that genetic modification has taken place.

This would mean the mRNA vaccine companies are playing GOD with our Genes and they have no idea what else they have changed !

Litters from mRNA flu vaccinated parents were subsequently infected with flu virus and monitored for weight loss
Four combinations of vaccinated parent mice were used

When you play GOD with genetics and you are nowhere close to understanding the number of things that can go wrong, then things can and will go wrong. 
This same mice study revealed that the mRNA – Lipid Nano Particle platform vaccines ALSO impaired the immune systems of the Mice from fighting a test fungal infection.

The TGA, in Australia, has effectively provisionally approved what amounts to a Genetics based medicine, clinical trial across the entire Australian population.

This clinical trial remains a pandora’s box, with emerging consequences that appear to be accelerated with every day that the Australian T G A  ignores the warning signs of emerging data and emerging peer reviewed studies that shout out that the  TGA is contradicting what is “permitted in most major countries including Australia”.

At the time of the release of this video, across Australia, we are witnessing unparalleled all cause excess deaths, unparalleled reduced fertility rates, unparalleled increases in still births and late term miscarriages and an unparalleled per dose reporting of adverse vaccine reactions.

Throughout this emerging tragedy, the TGA, headed by John Skerritt, continues to obstruct the use of safe and effective, multi-drug treatment protocols for covid19, that require Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

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