Ferencz, born in 1920, is the last living prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials and he has a message to those who feel discouraged, “I give three pieces of advice. One, never give up. Two, never give up. Three, never give up.”  He is a real inspiration and to hear him give a brief account his World War II experience, watch HERE.

After fighting in the final Battle of the Bulge, Ferencz was tapped on the shoulder one day, “you, report to General Patton’s headquarters. We got some orders for you to report”.  When he got there Patton said, “We have a message here from Washington.  We are required to set up a war crimes branch.”  So, the first branch of the US army to deal with war crimes was formed. Hermann Göring was the first lead defendant that was captured and the highest-ranking Nazi official to be tried at Nuremberg.  He was sentenced to death but committed suicide the night before his execution was scheduled.

After completing his mission, Ferencz was given an honourable discharge and returned to the United States. Sometime later he received a telegram from the Pentagon to go to Washington.  When he got there, he was asked to return to Germany. “I’m not going back in the army,” Ferencz replied.  That’s when he found out they were setting up further trials and Ferencz agreed to return.

On his return, he was given some German army correspondence – reports made by special squads called “Einsatzgruppen” whose assignment was to kill, without pity or remorse, every Jewish man woman or child they could find.  The Einsatzgruppen reported what they did every day – how many they killed and the name of the officer, the unit, the time, and the place.  He began adding up how many people they had killed and when he got to a million, he stopped counting. He caught the next plane from Berlin to Nuremburg and he said, “General, we’ve got to put on a new trial.”  And that’s how he became the chief prosecutor of the largest murder trial in human history, the “Einsatzgruppen case”.

There were 3,000 members of the Einsatzgruppen that Ferencz had identified as mass murderers but he was limited to selecting 24 for trial. But only 22 made it through to the end of the trials, so, Ferencz prosecuted 22 defendants of “the calculating murder of over a million innocent men, women and children.” This was his first court case.  He had never been in a court room before.  His opening paragraph at the open trial was, “I ask the court to affirm my international law the right of all people to live in peace and human dignity regardless of their racial creed,” and the judge did that. “[Now] we have the more important thing, [which] is to prevent it from happening again, and I’ve been working on that for the rest of my life,” Ferencz said.

The post-war trials not only prosecuted the regime and military leaders, but also members of civil society and industry. One such trial is the “Doctors Trial”.  Nazi physicians planned and enacted the “Euthanasia Program” – the systematic killing of those they deemed “unworthy of life.”  In addition, physicians conducted pseudoscientific medical experiments on thousands of concentration camp prisoners without their consent – most died or were permanently crippled as a result.  The tribunal’s verdict outlined ten assertions in a section entitled “Permissible Medical Experiments” also known as “The Nuremberg Code”.

The Nuremberg Code (“Code”) contains the standards to which medical practitioners must conform when carrying out medical experiments on humans.  It is accepted worldwide and the principles it established have been extended into general codes of medical ethics. 

The first basic principle of the Code is fully informed and voluntary consent, and states, “the duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.”

The experimental Covid-19 injections are in clear violation of all ten principles of the Code and a growing list of medical practitioners, scientists and lawyers worldwide are calling out these violations, below is a mere few of such individuals: