The Los Angeles school district has been handed a legal setback against its policy to force children to get ‘vaccinated’ for Covid-19 or else be segregated into independent study.

Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff’s ruling in the Superior Court of California was rendered on Tuesday morning.

The news was celebrated online by the activist group “Let Them Breathe”:

“Ruling against LAUSD vax mandate follows Let Them Breathe win against SDUSD vax mandate,” the group touted on Twitter. “We expect to prevail against Granada Hills & New West Charter schools. Schools like Willows & Mirman should immediately end mandates. Kids have a right education & we will uphold that right!”

Reopen California also heralded the news.

“HUGE NEWS: A judge ruled this morning that LASchools’ student Covid vaccine mandate was illegal, blocking LAUSD from sending kids to independent study for not getting the Covid vaccine,” Reopen California tweeted.

“Even though LAUSD delayed their mandate to align with the state timeline, they still intended on excluding kids from in-person instruction if they did not get the Covid vaccine,” Reopen California added.

Los Angeles’ Unified School District is supporting San Diego schools’ appeal of a similar ruling that such mandates are unconstitutional.

“While the judge was deciding this case (took him 90 days), LAUSD is supporting SDUSD in their appeal of a similar ruling,” Reopen added. “In other words, LAUSD and SDUSD continue to waste tax payer money defending their blatantly illegal mandate.”

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