Earlier this week I spoke about the infected blood scandal in the 1970s and 1980s that saw thousands of Australians infected with HIV and AIDS from contaminated blood.

While many have died already, there are still many who are suffering from government neglect and gaslighting of their suffering.

Of course history is repeating itself with the same treatment being dished out to people who have suffered injuries from the Covid vaccines.

The government needs to offer an apology to victims and ensure they get proper compensation and treatment.

It also needs to learn from the past and take greater precautions when accepting and purifying the blood.

Accepting blood just three days after people have been vaccinated with the V is unacceptable, given studies have shown that spike proteins can last in the blood up to 60 days and beyond.

Chamber: Senate on 6/03/2023
Item: STATEMENTS BY SENATORS – Blood Contamination
Speaker: Rennick, Sen Gerard

Senator RENNICK (Queensland) (13:42): Today I want to raise the plight of thousands of Australians who became severely ill or died after being infected with blood containing hepatitis C or HIV between the 1970s and the early 1990s, before proper screening procedures were introduced. To quote Charles MacKenzie, himself a victim of the scandal and who has led a 30-year fight for justice on behalf of Australian victims:

This is the worst public health scandal in Australian history,” he said. “People have died, children have died. This was not an accident at all.

Charles is sick of burying his mates and watching others suffer. Victims say they are yet to receive targeted financial assistance or an apology from the federal government, despite those measures being recommended by a Senate inquiry in 2004.

Many of the victims were infected through contaminated blood transfusions, including a baby from Melbourne who acquired HIV. An estimated 1,750 had haemophilia, a condition that hampers clotting of the blood and treated with contaminated blood products manufactured by CSL before it was privatised by the then Labor federal government. Substantial compensation schemes are operating in a string of countries, including Scotland, Ireland and Canada. The UK infected-blood inquiry began in 2018 and is being led by former High Court judge Sir Brian Langstaff. He is examining thousands of documents, including those that relate to Australia’s response to the disaster. I call on the Australian government to apologise to the victims of this scandal and provide proper compensation to them.

Source – https://gerardrennick.com.au/infected-blood-thousands-injured-and-no-apology-or-compensation/