This is an enormous question, which will most likely never be completely answered. By looking at government provided evidence, the data may shed some light.  According to the TGA, only 14 (1.5%) of the 939 reports of death (up to 6/10/22) that they have received via the DAEN (since the rollout began) are likely to be as a result of the Vaccines. This raises the question; of the 925 (98.5%) other deaths reported, what were their true cause of death.  


It is important to highlight the following TGA claim, that ‘there have been no deaths in children or adolescents determined to be linked to COVID-19 vaccination.’  With over 65 million doses having been administered nationally and only 14 deaths, the TGA interprets this a positive result!  

Here is another question that needs to be asked. ‘Regarding the pandemic and vaccine rollout, is what Australians have been told as to what is happening, actually lining up with other state and federal key indicators and observations? 

CMN Analysts have gone through the DAEN data rigorously and produced a report linked on deaths notified to the TGA after COVID-19 vaccination in Australia. Although no firm conclusions can be drawn from this report, its findings do raise serious concerns about the safety of the vaccines and whether enough is being done to rule out a causal link to deaths

SUMMARY OF WHAT CMN ANALYSTS HAVE FOUND (since rollout began 22/2/21 to 11/10/22*):
• 945 deaths have been reported to the TGA after COVID-19 vaccination 


• 224 of these deaths were under the age of 65
• 166 of these deaths were aged between 45 and 64
• 24 of these deaths were under the age 30 
• 10 of these deaths were in children aged 5 to 17**
• 78 of these deaths did not have an age disclosed/listed 

It is unclear at this stage, if any CAUSATION ASSESSMENT REPORTS have been carried out and completed on these deaths. Despite these numbers, Australians are told that the COVID-19 Vaccines are Safe and Effective and reduce the chance of death, getting seriously ill from COVID and being hospitalised. Additional observations from NSW health data reveal (table below), those individuals who have had 4 doses of the vaccine represent higher hospitalisation and death numbers from COVID.

Moving now to the vaccination rollout data (table above) from the Department of Health (DOH) up to 13/10/22. 22,234,320 people (aged 5 and over) have had at least ONE COVID-19 VACCINE

This is from a total eligible population of 24,178,120 (92%). This means that 1,943,800 people aged 5 and over (8%) DID NOTHAVE ANY COVID-19 VACCINES

Throughout the rollout, Pfizer has claimed in its clinical trials, that its vaccine had a 95% Efficacy against COVID-19. Imagine for a moment a different scenario where the vaccines had 0% Efficacy (i.e., they were neutral). Based on the data and the number of people vaccinated, at least 8% of all hospitalisations and deaths would be in the unvaccinated population. This means of the 211 that were hospitalised, 17 people should have been unvaccinated. 

However, in the NSW Health data there were NO hospitalisations for the unvaccinated. Of the 30 that died, there should have seen 2.4 deaths (8%). The actual data points to two deaths being reported (that’s 6.6% of the deaths). 

Continuing with the 0% EFFICACY assumption, the percentage of the unvaccinated for hospitalisations and deaths should be much higher. Factoring in that the vaccines still have some type of efficacy, these numbers/percentages should be much higher for the unvaccinated. The data shows otherwise. 

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