Today, the highly anticipated theatrical film My Son Hunter has opened to rave reviews and leftist panic, as the movie’s trailer has crested to over 4.5 million cross-platform views and climbing.

My Son Hunter—Breitbart’s first foray into film distribution—is NOW available to stream and download at

This is the bombshell story about Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” that the establishment media and its Big Tech censors did not want the American public to see during the 2020 election–and the left’s reception to My Son Hunter shows that they still don’t want this story seen. It’s not hard to see why.

My Son Hunter puts the lens squarely on Hunter Biden, his corrupt business dealings, his relationship with his father, and a lifestyle that would make rock stars jealous. But through the haze of a crack pipe and above the din of the parties and the outbursts, somewhere lies the truth.

A poll conducted after the election found that 17 percent of Biden voters would not have voted for him if they had known about the “Laptop from Hell.” Even now, two years later, 63 percent of likely voters still believe the laptop story is important, according to a recent poll.

Now everyone can see the story they didn’t want you to see.

Actor Laurence Fox plays Hunter Biden…and friends. (Courtesy of

My Son Hunter director Robert Davi said his movie is Hunter’s “laptop exploded onto film.” In fact, Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer said My Son Hunter is a “shorthand version” of his own 300-page bestselling book chronicling the Biden family corruption. “This film is information lifted from the pages of my book and turned into the flesh,” said Schweizer.

Donald Trump Jr. called My Son Hunter an “incredible example” of conservatives “looking for alternate venues to spend their hard-earned money.”

Trump described My Son Hunter as “part of the tip of the spear” of a new momentum among conservatives who are busy “building their own” and “taking on the power structures that have been so heavily dominated by the left.”

“I think we’re creating an entire new economy,” Trump said during a panel discussion on Truth Social about My Son Hunter. “This [film] is going to be part of the tip of the spear of that. I want it to be successful because I want people to understand just how important this is. We’re fighting for our values. We’re fighting for our country, and we’re just fighting for the future that we want to leave our children.”

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow sees Breitbart’s distribution of My Son Hunter as embracing the legacy of the company’s founder. “I’m very proud—and I know everyone at Breitbart is—to be extending Andrew Breitbart’s legacy. He, of course, famously said, ‘Politics is downstream of the culture.’ It is the culture that is really the driving force in American life,” Marlow said.

YouTube podcaster Tim Pool echoed these sentiments. “Building culture is the most important thing we can do, and that’s why I think the movie you guys are doing is so important,” Pool said. “I’m excited for this.”

My Son Hunter is already racking up rave reviews (and a standing ovation at its Hollywood screening), and it’s already triggering leftists.

Politico calls My Son Hunter “the most ambitious Hunter Biden project to date” with “well-researched” scenes “taken from both [Bidens’] memoirs and reports derived from [Hunter’s laptop] hard drive.”

The Epoch Times heralds My Son Hunter as “director Robert Davi’s brilliant Biden satire” and describes actor Laurence Fox’s portrayal of Hunter Biden as “a career-defining performance.”

My Son Hunter is extremely well-directed, written and acted, with some crazy, funny moments and high drama. It takes a complex subject with many details and boils everything down to a digestible, absorbing story,” writes MOVIEGUIDE.

“Not your mother’s conservative movie,” says the Daily Mail.

My Son Hunter being dangerous to the Biden Presidency and America’s reputation on the world stage is only possible because the Left are – secretively – embarrassed by the cold truth exposed by Breitbart,” writes The Spectator Australia.

My Son Hunter’s end credits remind us of that sorry state of affairs. We’re treated to a ‘greatest hits’ assembly of reporters suppressing a story they feared might swing the election. It’s the perfect way to sum up the film’s purpose, to tell a story every American needed to hear,” writes Hollywood in Toto’s Christian Toto.

Meanwhile, My Son Hunter has the left in a lather.

The far-left Daily Beast denounced the film as being popular with “Kremlin-controlled propagandists.” The left-wing Daily Kos howled that My Son Hunter is “a soft-porn conspiracy flick for weird conservative incels.” And The Guardian called My Son Hunter a “fiction-laced retelling of the Hunter Biden laptop nothingburger” for “fringe lunatics.”

Well, now it’s time for you “lunatics” to help us wage the culture war.

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My Son Hunter stars Laurence Fox (Victoria, Inspector Lewis, The Professor and the Madman) as Hunter Biden; Gina Carano (The Mandalorian, Dead Pool, Heist) as a Secret Service Agent; and John James (Dynasty) as Joe Biden.

John James as Joe Biden and Laurence Fox as Hunter Biden in “My Son Hunter.” (Courtesy of

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