Government to launch $9.5m Voice to Parliament 'public education' campaign
The campaign will run ahead of a referendum to be held later this year.

In preparation for the upcoming vote on enshrining an Indigenous Voice to Parliament in the constitution, the Australian government has announced a $9.5 million public education campaign.

The referendum is scheduled to take place between October and December of this year, and the government hopes the campaign will provide Australians with the ‘necessary information’ to make an informed decision.

“A comprehensive civics education and awareness program is needed to ensure Australians understand the facts about the voice proposal and the referendum to make an informed choice,” stated an explanatory note attached to the new rules.

The program will provide information on the constitution itself, how referendums are used to change the constitution and information about the Indigenous Voice. The campaign will begin as early as March and will be provided by a non-governmental organization.

“While the program will target all Australians, specific content would be developed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, as well as for culturally and linguistically diverse audiences,” the explanatory statement said.

“It would not be a ‘yes’ campaign – but would increase understanding of the issues relating to the referendum question.”

The government emphasized the importance of ensuring that all Australians are informed about the upcoming referendum, as every eligible voter is required to cast a vote. The civics campaign will be separate from the Australian Electoral Commission’s measures to inform people about the process for casting their ballot in the referendum.

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