Government-funded indigenous media channel rage quits Twitter
NITV ‘s move follows Stan Grant’s decision to relinquish his role as ABC’s Q+A host due to ‘incessant racial abuse’.

In response to what it has labelled “relentless racial harassment on social media,” Indigenous broadcaster NITV announced its temporary departure from Twitter.

This move comes shortly after prominent left-wing journalist Stan Grant opted to withdraw from his role as ABC’s Q+A host due to ceaseless racial attacks.

In a formal statement shared via their Twitter handle, NITV expressed its growing exasperation with the “racism and hate” encountered incessantly on the platform but failed to cite examples or any data of a measured increase in abuse. 

Posted on a Sunday, the official announcement read:

“As you may have observed, our presence on Twitter has been dwindling. We’ve chosen to take a breather from it. We’ve grown tired of the constant racism and hate we confront on this platform daily. It’s simply not a place we feel comfortable or need to occupy, particularly during such trying times.”

While asserting their temporary retreat from Twitter, NITV stressed their “unwavering commitment” to delivering news, perspectives, thoughts, and narratives from Indigenous communities throughout Australia.

It prompted followers to visit their website and interact with their posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Additionally, they recommended following the Twitter accounts of SBS News and SBS, which frequently share NITV’s content.

The decision gained the backing of the Indigenous rights group Justice Aunties, who retweeted the announcement and branded the prevailing state of racial animosity as “impressively outmoded.”

In its supportive retweet, the group expressed, “Be it Stan Grant, NITV, or a sporting hero, the unending assaults on social media targeted at Aboriginal people recently are impressively outmoded. Australia doesn’t seek a Voice; it prefers ignorance to our distress. It’s happening right before your eyes.”

This action comes in the aftermath of Stan Grant’s resolution to quit his hosting duties on Q+A and cease writing columns for the ABC. 

Grant, who held the position of Q+A host for under a year, highlighted the “abhorrent criticism” levelled at him following his discussion on colonisation during ABC’s broadcast of King Charles III’s coronation as his tipping point.

In a statement, Grant railed against what he views as “efforts to misrepresent him as filled with hatred,” stating, “Post the King’s coronation, I have witnessed people in the media twist and misrepresent my statements. They have endeavoured to paint me as filled with hatred. They’ve accused me of defaming Australia.”

Grant alleged that the allegations were “a far cry from the truth,” asserting that he rejects the idea of being “consumed by hate,” regardless of critics asserting that Grant has been a prominent instigator of incendiary left-wing bias, which they believe is widespread at the publicly-funded broadcaster.

Grant expressed his disappointment with his ABC superiors, critiquing their absence of public rebuttal.

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