The reduced birth rate during January to March 2022 in Germany compared to the previous seven years is 6.6 sigma – a 1 in 12.5 billion chance. Something dramatic had to have happened to stop conception from occurring during March to June 2021.

It’s not only Germany that’s seeing a reduction in birth rates: Taiwan, the UK, Hungary, Sweden and US are also recording reduced birth rates – and British corporate media is “celebrating.”

The common usage of the term “sigma” in statistics stems from the use of the lower-case Greek letter “σ” to denote volatility.  A standard deviation (“SD”) calculation is usually used to compute volatility, so sigma and one standard deviation have become interchangeable. A standard deviation is an always positive measure of how much variation there is in a data set. If the data doesn’t move around much (e.g., the daily high temperature in Hawaii) the standard deviation will be low.  If the data moves around a lot, then the standard deviation will be higher.

A 6-sigma event assumes a 0.000000197% probability of occurrence. In other words, once every 1.38 million years. However, warns, that a six-sigma event isn’t that rare.  It is only that rare if the probability distribution is normal.

We have previously published numerous articles on the effects of Covid injections on fertility, which can be found HERE and HERE. However, as we are not statisticians or mathematicians, we are unable to argue for or against the probability or rarity of the decline in birth rates. But the correlation to the roll-out of the Covid injection is significant.

German Birth Data

By Dr Ah Kahn Syed

It is happening and it keeps happening, and the media can try and suppress it as much as they want. This is a “thing”.

The German birth data has just been released and updated to April 2022 and continues to show an 11% drop from the average for the last 7 years and a 13% drop from 2021.

The drop from the previous 7 years is 6.6 sigma. It’s a never event.

A bunch of authors including JikkyleaksIgor Chudov and Josh Guetzgow raised the flags on the sudden drop in birth rates only to be censored or “fact-checked.”

Well, fact-check this. A 6.6 sigma event is a 1 in 12.5 billion chance.

But sure, there’s nothing to see here. Move along.

Children of Men

Jikkyleaks’ profile has been suspended on Twitter.  However, you can find Jikkyleaks on Telegram HERE and an archive of their ‘Children of Men’ Twitter thread HERE.

By Jikkyleaks

This is a massive safety signal for infertility. Germany’s FIRST report of birth rates since the rollout.

Remember that the birth rate data is 9 months too late.

If the next quarter is worse, this is the Children of Men scenario.

For the years 2011-2021, the average number of births is 61,873 for the Jan-Mar quarter, with a standard deviation of 678.

The drop to 54,871 for 2022 is approximately 9 SD [see note below*].

9 Sigma. Unicorn events 



[*Note: We have adjusted the initial tweets of Jikkyleaks’ thread to show a correction in the data made at the end of the thread.  After correcting the data for their initial graph, it got worse. Instead of the initial 9 sigma, Jikkyleaks calculated 10.3 sigma.]

The money people understand this.

For a 10.3 sigma drop in birth rates to have happened in Jan-Mar 2022, something dramatic had to have happened to stop pregnancies occurring from March to June 2021.

I wonder what that could be?

Were couples depressed? Looking to move house? Too busy?

In general birth rates are surprisingly stable year-to-year with long-term cycles. There are seasonal peaks and troughs which are pretty reliable. Every midwife knows.

But this is well outside normal.

Big red arrow time.

Archived Twitter thread by TheRealTom (German)

In the Children of Men, the midwives were the first to notice. The phone stopped ringing. But it only affected humans.

“Women can’t get pregnant anymore and nobody knows why. This is the central lamentation in Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 dystopian film Children of Men, based on P.D. James’s novel. Set in England in the year 2027, this is the story of the human race entering its final phase. Cuaron brings us into Orwellian territory in which nations worldwide have fallen as a result of war, disease, and famine. Britain remains a sort of lucrative last bastion in these end times and people across the globe are scrambling to get in.”

The “Plague” of Infertility in Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Children of Men’, Carleen Tibbetts, 22 April 2013

Nobody listened to the midwives. In today’s equivalent, we are not allowed to speak. Not allowed to raise concerns.

And it’s not just Germany. This is an 8% drop even before March 2022 figures are released in the UKHSA vaccine surveillance reports.

Not just UK, not just Germany.

North Dakota provisional data shows another drop of 11% for Feb-April.

It definitely has nothing to do with the fact that rather than staying at the site of injection as promised, their own data showed that the LNPs not only distributed to the ovaries and testes but accumulated.

The above are extracts from a Twitter Thread by Jikkyleaks.  Read the full thread HERE.

Taiwan: Birth Rate Dropped -27.66% in June 2022

By Igor Chudov

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article based on the shocking news that Taiwan’s birth rate in May 2022 fell by 23.34% compared to May 2021.

Read more: Depopulation of Taiwan, Igor Chudov, 26 June 2022

I explained that in terms of statistics, the change in Taiwan is an unthinkable 26-sigma event of enormous magnitude.

As most people would, I was hoping, despite evidence from other countries, that this is a data fluke.

Well, it is not, and the data for June was just released in Taiwan. I am very upset. June Birth Rate Cratered by 27.66%!

Compared to June 2021, the birth rate in Jun 2022 is down by -27.66%. This is far worse than the previous month’s (May) drop of -23.34% and indicates a worsening birth rate trend.

Here’s the updated chart:

Mind you, last September of 2021, when Jun 2022 babies were conceived in Taiwan, the people of Taiwan were mostly unaware of what was going to happen and kept their family making plans intact. They probably did not notice a 27.66% decrease in pregnancies or an increase in stillbirths. If someone told them, the young people of Taiwan probably thought that it was anti-vax propaganda that they should dutifully ignore, as their government and TV told them.

Young people were being happily vaccinated.

The result? An “impossible” birth rate drop of -27.66% is basically a slow death sentence for the population of Taiwan, if it continues, especially combined with a 26% increase in deaths.

Media Coverage

The mainstream media is beginning to cover drops in birth rates:

The latest census for England and Wales, published last week, gave more evidence Britain’s birth rate is declining, iNews wrote on 7 July.

A decline in birth rates is a cause for celebration – it shows how far we have come, iNews, 7 July 2022

Further Reading

Read other articles in Chudov’s “depopulation series”:

And finally, Bill Gates-sponsored scientist Kari Nadeau has an answer for us. Nadeau explains that the fertility and stillbirth problems are due to… Global warming!

Springtime for Stillbirths in Germany

By Josh Guetzkow

I just received FOIA’d data on stillbirths in Germany from my friend and colleague, Prof. Christof Kuhbandner and share them with his permission. The picture they reveal is jaw-dropping. The graph below shows the monthly per cent change in stillbirths in 2021-2022 compared to the monthly average from 2019-2020:

Comparison with earlier years is problematic because Germany changed the way it defined stillbirths at the end of 2018.1

It really doesn’t matter. The picture is consistent with THIS graph on stillbirths and neonatal deaths in Scotland:

The German stillbirth data is also consistent with THIS graph showing a big decline in German births in the first quarter of 2022:

Here is a troubling table of US monthly birth rates in 2022 compared to 2021 in US states, courtesy of baizuobo:

Igor Chudov also reported a 23% decline in the Taiwanese birth rate in May 2022 compared to the previous year. Similar troubling declines can be seen in this table, also shared on Twitter by an account under the name @BirthGauge:

The best one can say about this table is that we don’t see declines in every country, which leaves some room for hope that the declines are not due to the mass injections of novel gene therapy technology but rather to something else. I know I’m grasping at straws. But it’s all I’ve got to cling to right now.

(UPDATE: Around the same time, I published this, el gato malo published an excellent analysis of Swedish birth data, which are not confounded with lockdown measures since they didn’t have lockdowns. It’s worth a read.)


1 The official comment that accompanied the data file Christof received was:

“We would also like to point out that the definition of stillbirths was last changed as of 11/1/2018, which tends to increase the numbers. Until October 2018, a child was considered stillborn if it weighed at least 500 grams. Since November 2018, a stillbirth is also considered when the child was below this weight limit but had reached the 24th week of pregnancy.

Further, we note that the results for 2021 and 2022 are preliminary as well as accrued by the date of reporting. Compared to the final results, which reflect the date of death, these preliminary ones tend to be too low at the beginning of the year and too high at the end of the year.  In addition, Christof wanted me to be sure to note that:

In other words, the stillbirth data for the years 2021 and 2022 are based on the reporting date and not on the death date, that is, the time trend has to be interpreted with caution. Especially for the number of stillbirths in the most recent months, there might still be late registrations, which would things make even worse.

HERE is a link to the source data for the German stillbirths from the FOIA. An Excel file with data on live births is HERE or you can get it from the original source HERE.

“Fact-Checkers” Attempt to Gaslight Effects of “Vaccines”

What follows are extracts from the ABC News article ‘We fact-checked claims that vaccines caused Germany’s birth rate to plunge. Here’s what we found’:

“No, said CheckMate, a sharp fall in Germany’s birth rate isn’t proof that vaccines cause infertility.

“Natalie Nitsche, a research scientist from the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, cautioned that despite the “striking” correlation between births and the vaccine rollout, this was ‘of course no indication of a causal relationship’.

“Dr Nitsche also pointed to vaccinated countries such as Serbia and France to note that crashing birth rates were not a ‘universal phenomenon’.

“Crucially, experts told CheckMate, the clinical data does not show that Covid-19 vaccinations increase infertility.”

Jikkyleaks on Telegram

About ABC’s CheckMate

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (“ABC”), CheckMate is a weekly newsletter from RMIT FactLab which recaps the latest in the world of “fact-checking” and “misinformation,” drawing on the work of FactLab and its sister organisation, RMIT ABC Fact Check.

RMIT FactLab is a “fact-checking,” research and training hub based at RMIT University. “Fact-checking of claims by public figures is carried out by RMIT ABC Fact Check, which was established as a partnership between RMIT University and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2017 … RMIT FactLab also works in partnership with Meta as third-party fact-checkers to help slow the spread of misinformation on Facebook and Instagram.”

So where does RMIT get their “facts”?  Their CoronaCheck gives some clues.

On 26 March 2020, RMIT ABC Fact Check launched CoronaCheck, an email newsletter to “bring you the latest in fact-checking from around the world in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic … The newsletter will draw on a wide range of our internationally-accredited fact-checking colleagues, from Full Fact in the UK to BOOM in India.”

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