this is a potential bombshell piece of data. it’s not yet vetted, so let’s all be careful on degree of certainty to ascribe, but this is both exactly where you would expect a signal like this to emerge and certainly foots with reams of both anecdotal and hard data alike.

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Search for traces in the medical records of the BKK

The following approach is simple and follows a simple logic: Doctors are unlikely to report under the conditions described. However, it is even less likely that they will not bill for treatments. People with health problems after vaccination will sooner or later see a doctor with their complaints. He will look at things, come to a diagnosis and, of course, bill the patient for the appointment.

Diagnoses are classified and coded according to the international standard ICD10. There is a corresponding alphanumeric code for each diagnosis, including vaccination complications. Relevant are T88.0 (infection after vaccination – shingles is currently very popular), T88.1 (other complications after vaccination), Y59.9 (undesirable side effect when using vaccines) and, brand new since 2021, U12.9 (undesirable side effect when using Covid-19 vaccines).

The BKK (company health insurance fund, BKK umbrella organization), one of the largest statutory health insurance companies in Germany, has now evaluated the first two and a half quarters of 2021 to determine how often the aforementioned ICD code for vaccination complications was billed. Let’s take a closer look at the result below.

Spoilers: the numbers are not for the faint of heart.

According to the official figures from the PEI, where do we stand now? As of the last safety report, there have been 244,576 suspicious activity reports since the start of the vaccination campaign (14 months) – nationwide, which includes a population of 82 million people.

this seems a sensible approach. 

doctors many avoid filing vaccine adverse events reports with agencies. it’s extra work and they are under pressure not to. BUT they are going to bill for treatment. because doctors always bill for treatment.

and now here is where it starts to get scary:

In the first 2 ½ quarters of 2021 (7.5 months) alone, the BKK accounted for 224,360 vaccination complications – with almost 11 million members:

and this is the big conclusion:

it shows that in the first half of 2021 the rate accounted for by the insurer is 7X higher than the PEI (german VAERS) for the whole year.




now, let’s once more be clear, these are estimates and extrapolations but they seem reasonably arrived at.

and if they are true or even close to true, they are STAGGERING. germany had ~79k “covid deaths” in 2021 (and we know how over-inclusive that counting can be.) how many were “vaccine deaths”? or were these in addition? 

and this foots with other data. vaccines really took off in germany in about april 2021. (this is another reason to wonder if the rate will rise further in H2 when we get insurance data)

and shortly thereafter, excess all cause mortality vs 2020 jumped from negative levels (blue) to positive (orange) and stayed that way for most of the year.

that is very much the opposite of what one would expect if vaccines were working, especially given higher rates of natural immunity and depletion of vulnerable cohorts.

and if this is not quite a smoking gun, it certainly does look like an awful lot of smoke in the known vicinity of a firearm to simply ignore.

For the 11 million BKK insured persons, the following figures result in a year-on-year comparison (entire year 2020, two and a half quarters of 2021) for all “vaccination complications” accounting figures:

and VAERS has shown the same.

all in all, this is a pretty massive canary to see drop dead in your coal mine and warrants immediate and serious work.

if this is anything like what it looks like (and once more, let’s be clear, we need to validate this but we’re seeing an awful lot of consonance from independent data), this is going to be one of the great scandals in human history. it will make thalidomide look like forgetting your house keys.

the lack of urgency or even interest from public health agencies on this issue has been astonishing.

this feels like a “drop everything and get every public health official that can fog a mirror working on it” kind of issue.

instead we get crickets and stonewalling.

not terribly confidence inspiring, is it?

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