Even after the Ministry of Health admitted on Wednesday that 1 in every 5,000 injections given causes “serious side effects,” they continue to mandate Covid “vaccinations.”

Less than a week after the German Ministry of Health admitted that 1 in 5,000 Covid shots lead to serious side effects, the German hospital federation calls for the vaccination obligation for healthcare personnel to be revoked. “It is not wise to continue with it.”

Until now, the German Federation of Hospitals (DKG) has favored mandatory vaccination for nursing and care staff. However, according to an official statement, the association, which falls under the Ministry of Health, is now changing its position because the vaccinations have little meaning against the omikron variant.

“According to the current findings, it is not sensible and not transferable to continue,” Board Vice-Chairman Henriette Neumeyer told Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland on Wednesday.

“At the time of the delta variant, the obligation to vaccinate healthcare workers seemed to have a major protective effect, also for the vulnerable groups in hospitals,” Neumeyer defends DKG’s earlier position. “With the omikron variant, this has become obsolete.”

Mandatory vaccination

The German government approved the mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers in December last year. Employees in institutions with vulnerable persons, such as nursing homes and clinics, had to demonstrate that they had been vaccinated or recovered from mid-March 2022. According to the law, this regulation only applies until the end of the year and would be abolished if the law protecting against infections is not amended again.

Injection leads to serious side effects

The German health ministry officially admitted last Wednesday that 1 in every 5,000 injections given causes “serious side effects,” either hospitalization, permanent disability, or death. Someone who gets four shots has a 1:1250 chance of these devastating outcomes.

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With the admission, authorities formally admitted for the first time that there is a serious safety problem with the experimental injections against COVID, which have been administered billions of times worldwide.

According to official figures, tens of thousands of people have already been hospitalized, disabled or killed in Germany alone so far. ‘Mild’ side effects for which people had to see a doctor, such as menstrual problems, heart problems, or seizures, are not included in the figures. In addition, it only includes cases reported by doctors.

The data included 5,862 reports of suspected adverse reactions in children and adolescents. Of the reports, 186 suspected adverse reactions occurred in children under 5, and 124 occurred in children between 15 months and four years old.

Sixty-one suspected adverse reactions were reported in infants whose mothers were vaccinated while breastfeeding. 

Vaccination policies threatened worldwide

The Health Ministry’s confession opens the door for vaccine victims to file lawsuits against authorities, who have always claimed the shots were safe. It also puts a bomb under current and future vaccination campaigns worldwide. In addition, the ruling could have far-reaching legal consequences for governments that now want to impose a vaccination obligation.

There is absolutely no scientific support for vaccinating healthy children with experimental injections. Children under the age of twenty have a statistically 99.9987 percent chance of surviving a Covid infection. Healthy children are even less likely to die from Covid.

Did the confession play a role?

The German Federation of Hospitals does not say anything about the Ministry of Health’s confession regarding the Covid shots’ harmfulness in its statement. However, it is striking that the German Federation of Hospitals changed its position on the vaccination obligation for healthcare employees less than a week later.

Source – https://rairfoundation.com/german-hospital-federation-demands-withdrawal-of-vaccination-mandate-after-massive-side-effects-revealed/