The Office of Gene Technology doesn’t look at patient safety as part of its remit under the Gene Technology Act. What’s the point of a Gene Technology office if it doesn’t look at patient safety?

Furthermore, the TGA doesn’t even know if it’s examined genotoxicity- they had to take it on notice.

Despite that, the Secretary of the Health Department Brendan Murphy claims it has great confidence in its regulatory system. Go figure.

He then claims there is no evidence of the sort of things that I suggest might be possible. How’s that for gaslighting? He just writes off almost 140,000 vaccine injuries and over 10,000 excess non-Covid deaths.

Further on Prof Kelly then claims he didn’t get it wrong on transmission either despite the fact there was never studies showing an increase in IgA and the FDA even say there’s no evidence of the v stopping transmission. They then argue that it stopped earlier variants. This is blatantly wrong.

You either get an IgA response or you don’t. What stopped earlier transmission were cruel and unnecessary lockdowns and border closures.
Prof Kelly then accuses me of cherry picking. This is the pot calling the Kettle black if ever I saw it.

He then claims that vaccines reduced hospital admissions despite not having any evidence to back up those claims but according to him it’s the truth.

This round of questioning probably gets the gold medal for the most number of lies and deflection yet.

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