Kids between 10-14 will now “earn” their digital licence which is their new digital identity number just like Adults, its called “E-Smart” its a platform that will have the kids playing inconspicuously games to earn their “digital licence” but what its actually doing is acertaining the childs intelligence score so that government will be able scrutinise a childs intellect and what its good at so eventually this will erradicat NAPLAN (which is realisticly the same) but this essentially means by the time a child leaves school they wont get to “choose” their employment pathway but government wil allocat them into the areas that government dictates is required in the different districts ( look into in Brisbane 20 min city plan called NEW WORLD CITY) they have already started selecting the optimal careers to further the cities/global best outcomes…

Did you know about the ATAR score kids need to graduate school? This is simply the kids intelligence score where in the next 9 years employers wont need the kids resume/CV the employer will base employment on the kids digital information which will show their intelligence and whether they are suitable for the job!

I know this due to a guaidance counsellor doing my childs “set plan” its a agreement the parents and child have to make to enter year 11 to agree to follow the plan to finish high school and there are currently 3 ways to graduate (atm) which is getting an ATAR SCORE (to “Allow you to go to Uni”) or QCE POINTS (Which simply gives you points to pass each subject instead of ABC) or simply get their High School certificate… but if you dont get an ATAR score they have 9 years (this is the time frame for my daughter) to go back and do it again as employers dont know about it atm or how to use it, and it has to be implemented within 10 years ….this is the digital id for these kids where ALL their academic and intelligence testing will be accessed by every employer in the future and kids will be allocated jobs rather than choosing their career! Dont believe it research it yourself….(dont use google, use other search engines like firefox, brave, duck duck go)

Called E-SMART…its “innocently disguised” as an “Antibullying” and Internet Education Platform to keep kids “SAFE”


Australia eSMART – Children in Australia are the forerunners of an experimental new social engineering programme

Anthony Albanese pledged $6 million in February of this year for a new “eSmart Digital License programme” engaging 10 to 14-year-old Australian pupils.

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation, the DQ Institute, and Accenture collaborated to launch “eSmart” in December 2021
Accenture is a Rockefeller-funded business that was just given a $230 million contract to “revamp” Australia’s Director ID programme

The eSmart initiative intends to integrate “Social and Emotional Learning” (SEL) tests and metrics within the educational system under the charitable pretence of “cyber-security” and “helping students navigate the online world”

Children must complete “milestones” and “earn badges” using “gamified learning,” “interactive narrative worlds,” and “relatable scenarios” before receiving an “eSmart Digital License.”

Want to know who created the e-smart platform?
On 28 April 1996, Alannah and Madeline Mikac, aged six and three, were tragically killed alongside their mother and 32 other people at Port Arthur in Tasmania. One year later, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation was launched in the girls’ honour by their father, Walter Mikac AM and a small group of volunteers.