The Bio-Nano Panopticon of Injected Bodies?

Valerie Kyrie and Daniel Broudy PhD in Experimental Psychology, Masters in Clinical Psychology Professor of Applied Linguistics, Okinawa Christian University, Nishihara-cho, Okinawa 903-0207, Japan, ORCID:


A survey and critical analysis of literatures in biotech, nanotech, and materials science can yield important insights on major threats facing humanity in a world divided largely by highly compartmentalized epistemic communities.

Interdisciplinary research on the well-documented problems posed to human beings by the injectable mRNA platforms claiming to address COVID-19 medical complications reveal surprising, if not deeply troubling, new evidence of apparent fraud and deceit.

Analysis presented here bolsters both the reported laboratory studies of blood samples from injected subjects and experimental work exploring the potential reasons for observed phenomena relating to electromagnetic properties exhibited in human bodies.

The impetus for this cross-disciplinary study was current reports from a substantial proportion of injected subjects who emitted alphanumeric signals in the frequency range corresponding to Bluetooth communications networks.

Discussion of these bizarre phenomena are framed by a wider historical context in nanotechnology as an emergent industry and by recent commentary emanating from noteworthy public figures concerning surveillance under the skin and the disappearance of civil and human rights.


What we have synthesized in this survey of scientific literature, experimental data, and discourse extends our understanding of the connections and discoveries outlined in our analysis of magnetism (Broudy & Kyrie, 2021) exhibited in people injected with the experimental platforms.

We are reminded of Harari’s admission that scientific pursuits are, foremost,not about acquiring empirical truth about the world, but about acquiring worldly power. To “trust the Science™” is to trust its agendas and outcomes set by power-hungry people

.If we can take care to ponder how political power “must involve itself in the [process of capital] accumulation [by] either mystify[ing] its policies [and] calling them something they are not, or … try[ing] to conceal them(O’Conner, 2002), as well as how the public must be kept in relative ignorance of weaponizable scientific research (Miller, 2018), we can then begin to see the actual reasons behind the bio-nano invasions of human bodies and the proclamations emanating from the Scientific Establishment™.

The Bio-Nano Age demands the financialization and commodification of all biological agents. All levers of power must, therefore, work to manage the human inventory at all available levels of control. It may seem, at present, that human beings are losing the struggle against the dehumanizing forces of anti-human trans-humanist tech Giants.

But Yuval Harari’s grandiose rhetoric can also signify desperation. The antisocial global transhumanist movement, we suggest, is certain to annihilate itself and its adherents. The movement itself reveals how it is determined to fall into the pit it has dug in which to bury others.

It appears to be fully blind to its own unwillingness to account for the full scope of human creativity, versatility, adaptability, and collective will to face and surmount threats. When power so intoxicates itself that it abandons rational thinking, morality, and empathy, it embarks on a malignant self-destructive trajectory

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