A recent feature in The Guardian savagely attacked organic farms for their “extravagant land use”, saying they were “underperforming in terms of yield”.

They want these healthy and natural organic farms replaced with food manufacturing hubs and our food genetically engineered based on high yield and pest resistance.

The whole global cabal seem hellbent on destroying ALL forms of traditional agriculture.

The recent restrictions imposed on Dutch farmers, aimed at reducing livestock in the Netherlands by a third, is just one of many tools being used to bring this about.

Canada and Ireland have already followed suit with identical restrictions imposed on their own farmers and traditional food production.

The EAT Forum, cofounded by the Wellcome Trust, has developed what they call “The Planetary Health Diet”.

It entails cutting meat and dairy intake by up to 90% and replacing it with foods made in laboratories, along with cereals and oils, all genetically engineered.

Their largest initiative is called FReSH, aimed at transforming the food system by working with biotech and chemical companies to replace whole foods with lab-created alternatives — all in the name of “sustainability.”

Unless we transition to this new ultra-processed and highly unnatural diet, they claim, the Earth is doomed.

If they succeed, Big Pharma will be the sole beneficiary and profiteer of the new system.

Whoever controls the food supply will end up controlling whole countries and entire populations.

At the end of the day, that’s all “sustainable food systems” are about – control.

Source – https://www.kickstartqueensland.com.au/agriculture/control-food-control-people/