A judge has found Constable Daniel Keneally – the NSW Police officer son of high-profile Labor senator Kristina Keneally – acted corruptly by fabricating evidence and lying about receiving death threats which resulted in a completely innocent man imprisoned and forced to spend three weeks in solitary confinement after having his home raided by the controversial Fixated Persons Unit. Yet, in a futile attempt to cover up his wrongdoing, Constable Keneally and his powerful, wealthy family ran to one of Australia’s most expensive defamation lawyers to threaten the victim as well as this very media outlet. But to no avail. Serkan Ozturk reports.

It’s yet another sad example of privileged and powerful politicians and those close to them running to highly-priced defamation lawyers to hide nefarious and corrupt activities from public view.

This time, it’s not “alleged rapist” Liberal MP, Christian Porter, but Labor’s high-profile senator, Kristina Keneally, and her corrupt cop son, Constable Daniel Keneally of NSW Police.

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