The debate over the controversial covid vaccine passes continues to rage across the world. The latest monumental ruling comes from Belgium. A court recently ruled that Covid passes are illegal for a particular Belgian region. As such, it has imposed a fine of over £4000 daily until the district ceases to enforce them.

According to a report in the Brussels Times, the judge ruled that the CST (Covid Safe Ticket) was disproportionate for the district of Wallonia. As such, the court indicated that it could be a breach of higher European laws.

Belgium has made CST mandatory since November, which included the region of Wallonia. Whoever wants to visit a public place such as restaurants or theatres needs to have this Covid pass. On the pass, details such as recent recovery, the most recent negative test, as well as vaccination status are recorded.

The Result of An Effort By NBD

Notre bon droit (NBD), a non-profit organization, filed a lawsuit against the district of Wallonia. They had already contested the imposition of such Covid passes even before it was officially introduced.

Isabelle Duchateau, the founder of NBD, said that the court’s ruling was in their favor. She explained that the court admitted that the Covid pass was not respectful towards the principle of proportionality.

The exact daily fine imposed on the district is €5000, which translates to about £4258. Furthermore, the Government of Walloon was also directed to pay for the court costs of NBD. They have also been ordered to ‘rectify’ this situation after the court has judged the benefits of CST.

However, after the judgment was passed, the Government of Walloon refused to comply with the order to annul CST. The Brussels Times reports that they will be appealing the decision of the court.

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