AUSTRALIA’S national vaccine-safety watchdog, the Australian Vaccination-risks Network, Inc (AVN), has filed an appeal in the Full Federal Court, seeking to overturn what AVN believes to be an erroneous decision by judge Melissa Perry, in denying both the organisation and their co-applicant, Mr Mark Neugebauer, legal Standing.

Since February of this year, the AVN has been pursuing a judicial review of the Federal Government’s decision to extend the use of these unapproved genetic modification injections to 5-11 year old children.

AVN’s senior counsel and co-counsel are part of an extremely experienced legal team and believe grave errors have been made in the approvals process for 5-11 year olds, leading to the deaths of at least five children and significant injuries to thousands more.

“In addition, we have filed a claim for Mandamus, asking the Court to order the Secretary of the Department of Health, Brendan Murphy, to do his duty to protect the lives and health of the Australian population, and properly consider cancelling or suspending the Covid-19 injectables. These novel gene therapies have proved to be not only completely ineffective but also deadly and dangerous,” AVN staff stated.

The legal team has gathered evidence from some of the most esteemed medical and scientific experts in the world and data comes directly from Australian Government statistics. “We are ready and have been ready for some time to present this devastating information to the court. But the Government’s approach is to avoid at all costs our evidence being laid squarely before the Court, which has led to enormous delay and cost increases,” said AVN founder and legal liaison Meryl Dorey.

“In our original case management hearings, Her Honour acknowledged the urgency of our case. When Novak Djokovic rightly fought against his exclusion from the Australian Open, he was in court within 48 hours. The stakes in our case are far, far higher, and we think the Court will agree.

“Our community has supported this action the entire way both financially and morally. It is their wish that the AVN continues to pursue justice, and their belief that the Full Bench of the Federal Court will finally be the place where Australians can be heard and their grievances addressed.”

The timeline of AVN’s actions at this point in the case are as follows:

June 20: AVN receives the costs decision from Her Honour in respect of the March 23 hearing on standing – AVN’s primary submission was that this case represents matters of serious public interest, and therefore the AVN should not have to pay the legal costs of the Secretary of Health, a government bureaucrat. This submission was rejected resulting in an adverse costs order against the AVN.

June 21:AVN files its appeal with the Federal Court.

June 22: AVN’s appeal is accepted by the court and a sealed copy of the same received.

June 23: AVN submits a letter to the Court requesting an urgent hearing for an appeal.

“While innocent children and adults continue to be misled about the safety, efficacy and necessity of becoming guinea pigs in what Minister Hunt called the world’s largest clinical trial, leading to permanent injuries and deaths, we will continue to fight to protect them,” Ms Dorey concluded.