Key 2021–22 Budget Initiatives

  • AI investments to drive greater AI adoption across the economy
  • Emerging Aviation Technology reforms and industry partnerships to enable the use of drones and other aviation technologies
  • Tax incentives to grow the digital games sector and encourage business investment in digital technologies
  • Accelerating the rollout of the Consumer Data Right giving Australians greater access to, and control over, their data
  • Unlocking the value of data with an Australian Data Strategy
  • Building skills for a modern economy with a Digital Skills Cadetship Trial and Next Generation AI and Emerging Technology Graduates
  • Enhancing myGov to deliver better services to Australians
  • Enabling next-wave My Health Record for world-leading healthcare
  • Expanding the use of the Digital Identity System for secure and simple access to services from government and across the economy
  • Expansion of Digital Solutions – Australian Small Business Advisory Services to build SME digital capability
  • Improving internet and mobile connectivity in peri-urban areas
  • Driving the uptake of e‑Invoicing by businesses
  • Working with industry to secure Australia’s mobile networks (5G and future 6G networks) and data centre infrastructure
  • Digital Atlas to support emergency response, environmental management, virtual construction design and business investment

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