An analysis of the German Excess Death statistics 2020-2022 has been published by Josh Guetzkow ( You can view it here.

It is a similar story around the world. Australia is running about 16-18% Excess Deaths (that is, 16-18% more people dying from all causes above the previous historical average) – the majority of these deaths are NON-COVID DEATHS. The government says these Excess Deaths which only occurred immediately following the rollout of the COVID so-called “vaccines” is mere coincidence. What do you think?

Here is one graph from the lengthy analysis:

In Australia, we are seeing more than 10,000 unexplained NON-COVID Excess Deaths per year mostly heart attack, stroke, diabetes and neurological diseases.


The fact that the US Dept. of Defence was in command and control of the “vaccine” development, quality control testing, clinical testing, scale up production, packaging, distribution and sham US FDA approval, means that it was not necessary to establish the usual quality, safety and efficacy of the “vaccines” prior to release under Emergency Use Authorisation. This explains why the “vaccines” have been found to be so unsafe.

Recent reports suggest that the labile mRNA in the “vaccines”, depending on the manufacturing method & conditions, could be easily fragmented. Normally, there are limits set for the lowest acceptable level of the therapeutic component in a pharmaceutical and permissible upper limits on impurities as the impurities can potentially be harmful. It now appears that the rushed testing of batches of mRNA so-called “vaccines” by the Dept of Defence showed unacceptable levels of mRNA fragmentation so somebody just did a copy and paste job to falsify the purity of some batches. The European drug regulators were especially concerned with this aspect of the “vaccine” registration dossiers and asked many questions. If fraud was committed then this brings into question the legitimacy of the liability protection afforded to the manufacturers. Watch this space.

Trial Site News article – Sonia Elijah, 5 Feb. 2023 and listen to a Twitter post here.


It now appears that myocarditis and pericarditis caused by the so-called COVID “vaccines” is not rare. If appropriate sensitive biomarkers are used to detect post-vaccination cardiac damage, the incidence is far from “rare”.

Pilots are regularly subjected to detailed physical exams to ensure their fitness to fly.

One of the important tests pilots need to take is the electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) which measures the electrical impulse conduction through the various chambers of the heart. One key measurement is called the P-R interval which measures electrical impulse conduction through the atria. For a healthy heart, the maximum P-R conduction time is 0.2ms (millisecond). On 24 October 2022, the version of the Federal Aviation Authority Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners, arbitrarily increased the upper limit of normal for the P-R interval to 0.3ms. This is extraordinary. It is a massive increase. This is extraordinary. Anything above 0.2ms is suggestive of various degrees of Heart Block (heart dysfunction) and is a danger signal.

It is reported that pilots have now suffered heart attack and death either during or shortly after landing. Pilots are forced to be vaccinated and it appears they are now suffering subclinical, or sometimes, clinical heart dysfunction which can result in death. The travelling public should know this. But the FAA quietly introduced this extraordinary change and hoped nobody would notice.

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