You agree that we can collect Your Personal Information so that You can be provided with identity checking services facilitated through the Digital iD™ Service. Without this information, Your ID Documents cannot be validated and the Digital iD™ Service and any related services cannot be provided.

We collect information when You use the Website or the App. For example,

  1. we collect Personal Information such as Your name and address from You when You use the Digital iD™ Service;
  2. we may collect your email address for validation purposes;
  3. we may collect information from an ID Document which You use to authenticate Your identity which may include completing a visa entitlement verification check;
  4. when You use the Digital iD™ Service to verify Your identity (including completing a visa entitlement verification check) for an Organisation, we collect information about this process;
  5. we may collect information such as Your phone number via an Organisation requesting the verification of Your identity, for us to initiate contact with You.

If You use the App, the App Provider may also collect information about the Device that You use to access the App, such as physical location, operating system, settings and security protocols. The App Provider may use this information, and disclose it to us and service providers, to assist in providing the Digital iD™ Service and enforcing these Terms of Use and the EULA

You acknowledge that information about the ID Documents that You provide may be given to ID Verifiers such as the Australian government and other issuing authorities to confirm whether it matches information held by the authority or entity that issued the ID Document and/ or for the purposes of obtaining a visa entitlement verification check. You agree that the ID Verifiers can give us information about whether there is a match, and that we can use that match information in providing our identity checking services.

We may hold some information about Australian and non-Australian residents as a result of the provision of our services. We may use this information to assist in checking details of information about Your identity and/ or complete a visa entitlement verification check. Details checked in this way may be disclosed to participating Organisations who access the Digital iD™ Service with Your consent to authenticate Your identity and/ or complete a visa entitlement verification check. By registering a Profile, You agree that we may link some details of this information to Your Profile, which helps us keep Your registered information up-to-date.

We will disclose Your information to some other third party ID Verifiers (including Vix Verify and, in the case of a visa entitlement check, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection) to assist in the administration of the Digital iD™ Service and in order to verify Your details, and may collect some Personal Information from them. You should check the privacy policy for such third parties before You agree for us to provide them with information about Your identity.

Where You have consented to have Your identity checked for an Organisation, either directly or via a third party, we provide to the Organisation and/or third party some Personal Information that has been checked, which may include Your name, email address, address, date of birth, age, 18+ status, and/or photograph and whether a match has been confirmed by government ID Verifiers. If your identity is being checked via a third party, then Each third party may have different practices on processing your Personal Information according to their privacy notice. We do not provide to the Organisation copies of ID Documents, identification numbers used on ID Documents, or details of the authentication sources used to check Your identity, unless we have Your express consent. If we reasonably believe that any information provided to an Organisation was or has become incorrect, misleading or out-of-date, we may inform the Organisation and provide corrections or details of our concerns. You should check the privacy policy for each Organisation before You agree for us to provide the Organisation with information about Your identity.

In cases where the identity checking process needs to be completed in person (for example, at an Australia Post outlet), we may retain the information You provided through the Website or App, including Your Personal Information, for a limited period to allow You time to complete the process. If You do not complete the process within the timeframe we specify, we will discard the information You provided. If You continue the process:

  1. Your information may be disclosed to the Australia Post outlet or representative You deal with;
  2. information You provide to the Australia Post outlet or representative may be collected and processed as part of the Digital iD™ Service; and
  3. the information received or collected by the Australia Post outlet or representative may be stored on the Australia Post retail data system for up to 90 days for processing and auditing purposes.

Where we check an ID Document, we may retain Your Personal Information and details from the ID Document as well as details of the check we performed and the result of the check for audit and assurance purposes. We do not store images of ID Documents.

If You register a Profile:

  1. we may store some information, including Your name, date of birth and address, and ID Document numbers, in an encrypted form and will only share them with Your express consent in connection with Your future use of the Digital iD™ Service;
  2. we may also store other Personal Information, information about the types of ID Document You have checked with Digital iD™, and information collected from ID Verifiers for Your future use of the Digital iD™ Service;
  3. when you add an additional ID Document to your Profile, we will use your Personal Information to compare the additional ID Document details against previously added ID Documents, to ensure that they match and to enable us to return an error message to You if they do not match.
  4. we may disclose information we have collected about You in connection with the Digital iD™ Service (including Personal Information) to the App Provider for the purposes of the Digital iD™ Service it provides;
  5. the App Provider may collect and disclose to us information (including Personal Information) about You in order to facilitate the Digital iD™ Service;
  6. some information may be stored on Your Device (for example, Your name and photo are stored so these can be displayed in the App to personalise Your experience).

Following initial registration of a Profile, after we have completed an identity check on your behalf, You may access the Personal Information and details from the ID Document You provided us to carry out the check (such as ID Document numbers, your date of birth). You acknowledge and agree that the Personal Information you supplied to Australia Post to carry out a point in time identification verification was validated against sources that are not controlled by Australia Post. If the details of your ID documents have changed from the Personal Information you supplied to Australia Post when the check was fulfilled, and You wish to correct any details, You should engage directly with the custodians of that information (for example, VicRoads and DFAT).

You consent to us creating a biometric template from the data collected from the Digital iD™ Service. For example, we may use biometric templates to verify Your Profile Image by comparing it with other images. The biometric templates we create will not be stored and will be discarded immediately after use.

Your information will be used to check Your identity and/or complete a visa entitlement verification check for an Organisation only with Your specific consent. You may give the consent to us through the Digital iD™ Service via the Website or the App, or directly to the Organisation. If You do not use the Digital iD™ Service to check Your identity or complete a visa entitlement check to any Organisation for an extended period, the information stored in Your Profile may be deleted.

You hereby authorise us to disclose the information we hold about You and grant access to Your Profile to law enforcement and government authorities and agencies in accordance with their lawful requests. If your use of Digital iD™ is as part of a TDIF Regulated Transaction, this includes disclosure to the TDIF Oversight Authority. You also understand that if you are not entitled to be in Australia, the Commonwealth Government may use the information obtained from completing a visa entitlement verification check, to locate you.

We process and store Personal Information obtained as part of the Digital iD™ Service on our secure servers located in Australia. Personal Information would only be likely to be processed outside Australia if you authorise an Organisation that handles data outside Australia to access Your information for Digital iD™ purposes, or where you seek to authenticate Your identity using a foreign-issued ID Document that we accept.

Your Personal Information will be collected and handled securely, and only for the purpose of checking Your identity or facilitating that checking process (including visa entitlement checks). Your Personal Information is handled in accordance with the Australia Post Group Privacy Policy which outlines how to access and/or correct Your Personal Information or make a privacy-related complaint. For more information please visit

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