This headline has been all over the internet for the past few days. It’s based on the CDC upgrading its guidelines regarding Covid. I say, not so fast.

On the surface, it looks like things are better with the following changes:

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  • Those exposed to the virus are no longer required to quarantine.
  • Unvaccinated people are treated the same as the unvaccinated.
  • Students can stay in class even if exposed to the virus.
  • Screening is not recommended for those without symptoms.

However, if you go to the CDC site, you still get the following talking points:

“COVID-19 vaccines are highly protective against severe illness and death and provide a lesser degree of protection against asymptomatic and mild infection.”

“We’re in a stronger place today as a nation, with more tools—like vaccination, boosters, and treatments—to protect ourselves, and our communities, from severe illness from COVID-19,” said Greta Massetti, PhD.

So you see, they changed everything except for the vaccines. They segued that the vaccines are safe and effective, which is why we conquered the worst of Covid and can ease some restrictions. Oh, and keep those jabs going because they protect you. It’s really quite unbelievable, yet many do believe it.

Just today, I had a discussion with someone who mentioned that they had been tripled jabbed for Covid and planned to get a fourth. Their contention was that the “vaccines” build upon themselves, conferring more and more immunity. Incidentally, he had Covid a month ago. I think there is some cognitive dissonance at work with this person. We know that with every shot with a non-sterilizing vaccine, the risk of immune imprinting or antibody-dependent enhancement increases.

Some people take things even further, stating that there have been no deaths from the “vaccines” and anyone who expresses that is engaging in disinformation or conspiracy theories. If so, why is there VAERS in the U.S., the TGA DAENS in Australia, the Yellow Card in the U.K., and the European Vaccine Tracker System?

We know people have died from the Covid shots, and these reporting systems are underreported. Dr Jessica Rose and Steve Kirsch, who have advanced degrees in mathematical and statistical evaluation, have determined that the actual figure for underreporting is 31 to 41 times. A 2011 Harvard study indicated that less than 1% of adverse events are reported, meaning that the reported deaths would be 100 times the figure. That is huge!

So let’s go with the more conservative figure of 31. There have been 30,162 deaths post-Covid injections reported to VAERS for 2021 and 2022. Some of these are from overseas, so the number within the U.S. is 15,718 for the three major vaccine producers.

Multiplying that figure by 31 gives us 487,258 deaths. According to the Covid data for the U.S., the population pool of those injected is 261,591,428 people who have received at least one shot of the jab..

This gives us a ratio of .0018:1 or .18% of people who got an injection have died.

According to Our World in Data, 5.2 billion people have been jabbed globally at least once. If we multiply 5.2 billion X .0018, it equals 9,685,873 people who have died globally due to the “vaccines”. How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Six million Jews. Was that a genocide of epic proportions? So what do we call the deaths from the Covid shots? Well, genocide is technically a term used when mass murder is directed at a specific ethnic or religious group. So, if not genocide, how about the massacre or mass murder on an unparalleled scale in medical history?

Even if we were off by a factor of 10, it would still leave close to a million deaths from the Covid shots. How many deaths are too many?

What about all the people who haven’t died but are maimed with neurological, cardiac and autoimmune conditions that will drastically affect their quality of life? Look at this chart, courtesy of Dr Jessica Rose, which displays the data for just a few conditions reported to VAERS. The image print is a bit small, so you may need to download and enlarge it.

We now have a new branch of medicine; the treatment of Covid-vaccine injury.

Remember they cancelled the Swine Flu vaccine of 1976 after 35 deaths. The fact that they keep pushing these shots is a travesty, and they’re not done yet.

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