Not at all, says Australian Altman Report!

The nature of the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ has been largely misrepresented by mainstream media, big pharmaceutical companies, and governments, and is consequently poorly understood by the population at large. Most people consider vaccines to be relatively safe and well researched and readily accept their widespread use.

However, these COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are not really vaccines – they are serious gene-based experimental therapies which employ a gene-based technology never before deployed in a fully approved therapeutic product, or widely used in a general population.

The introduction and worldwide use – and continued use – of COVID-19 gene-based ‘vaccines’ has been associated, in the short term, with far more deaths, illnesses, injuries, and disabilities than any other therapeutic agent in the history of medicine.
Due to the total lack of any long-term safety data, the potential post-jab adverse effects including neurological, immunological and carcinogenic effects, may be even more devasting and continue well into the future.

Compelling scientific knowledge has been acquired since the introduction (on a provisional basis only) of the experimental COVID-19 gene-based ‘vaccines’. Many of the initial ambitious claims and assumed perceptions regarding the safety and efficacy of these serious therapeutics have now been invalidated.

It is crucial that we now reconsider the utility of these products in light of the known unprecedented level (hundreds of thousands) of serious adverse reactions and deaths attributed to their use. There is little scientific or clinical justification to support vaccine mandates as a health policy for Australians.

Some main points drawn from the Altman Report (link below):

  • Given the virtually nil risk of serious COVID-19 infection affecting children and the clear and significant risk of serious adverse effects including myocarditis, pericarditis and death in this age group – there seems to be little benefit to be gained by vaccinating children.
  • The latest hospital admission statistics do not support the claim that unvaccinated individuals are more at risk of serious COVID-19 disease, hospitalisation or death.
  • There is clear evidence of serious adverse effects and deaths linked to the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’.
  • Excess non-COVID-19 related deaths coincident with the introduction of the gene-based ‘vaccines’ are now being reported by many countries, and suggest a surge in heart attack and stroke among both the young, adolescents and middle age individuals (especially males).
  • mRNA in both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines can enter the nucleus of human liver cells in culture. This raises serious questions about short and long-term potential for genetic damage and cancer, as well as an adverse impact on future generations.
  • There are disturbing statistics regarding fertility and miscarriages emerging.
  • Evidence of negative vaccine efficacy is being reported in many countries including Australia.

*Sourced from: The Time of COVID, A Report by Phillip M. Altman, BPharm(Hons), MSc, PhD
Clinical Trial & Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Consultant. 9 August 2022.