I encourage you to read this open letter from the Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS). The letter addressed to Australian health bodies, senators and members of parliament, covers key issues including medical free speech, analysis of the Covid vaccination program, and a proposed Health Reform Declaration.



Key points:

  • The ramifications of AHPRA’s gag order on Australian doctors. “However well intentioned, this gagging by bureaucratic decree inserted AHPRA and the National Boards between the Clinician and their Patient, in addition to counteracting normal robust interprofessional dialogue, as more data emerged.”
  • Safety concerns of Covid vaccines. “To date, no other drugs in human history have reported more deaths, illnesses, injuries, and disabilities, which number as follows (to 28 June 2022)”:
  • A report addressing Covid management and policy. By Dr Philip Altman, Clinical Trial & Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Consultant.
  • A declaration for health reform. “It is not only regarding COVID-19 that AHPRA has been perceived to show over-reaching powers. Dissatisfaction and fear of AHPRA is widespread amongst many health professionals as evidenced by the Victorian branch of the AMA calling for a Royal Commission into AHPRA’s conduct.”

The AMPS is a non-partisan union of doctors formed as an alternative to the AMA. They support the primacy of the doctor/patient relationship, the ability to speak out about on a range of health issues without fear of de-registration, and resisting government coercion.

Find out how to join or support the AMPS HERE.

Source – https://rebekahbarnett.substack.com/p/an-important-letter-from-the-australian/comments