Sudden coincidences claimed numerous young lives over the weekend, and alternative news sources are cleverly informing the masses about it.

Alternative news sources aren’t shying away from publishing reports of “sudden deaths” in young people, although they’re doing so in a way that leads one to a logical conclusion of the cause without explicitly referencing it.

At this point, it’s quite necessary. Avoiding any reference to COVID vaccines allows a news organization (of the variety that actually publishes news) to get around censorship and the fact-checkers at the FBI and CIA — who we now know are working directly with Big Tech companies to shut down distribution of articles that cause vaccine hesitancy.

At this point, this is the only way to draw attention to an alarming and unprecedented issue we absolutely must address. Young people don’t just “die suddenly,” and heart attacks should not be normalized.

According to a recent Rasmussen Report, “nearly half of Americans think COVID-19 vaccines may be to blame for many unexplained deaths, and more than a quarter say someone they know could be among the victims.”

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The Blaze reported on Sunday that MMA fighter Angela Lee (18) died suddenly on Dec. 26. Her family, who broke the news on Instagram, are understandably devastated. In her final Instagram post shared eight days before she died, Lee was “smiling ear-to-ear” as she posed with her brother, who had won a kickboxing match.

A 16-year-old high school student collapsed and died suddenly during a flag football game on Thursdays in Nevada after suffering from chest problems. Ashari Hughes experienced a “medical emergency” during her flag football game. She went to the sidelines to take a break and collapsed. Registered nurse Aphelia Phifer-Hill ran onto the field to administer CPR on Hughes but was unsuccessful. She posted to Facebook that it was the first time in her 26-years of nursing that she had ever had to “do CPR on a kid.”

In a tweet today, Andrew Prue disclosed that his young wife, Alexis, is in the ICU after suffering from cardiac arrest last night. Her heart stopped beating for 3 minutes before she was resuscitated. They have a 15-month-old daughter.

Adam Rich, a vaccinated actor who played the youngest Bradford family member, Nicholas, on the TV drama “Eight Is Enough,” died on Saturday at age 54, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner.

Young CTV reporter Jessica Rob literally stroked out on live TV. CTV has stringent COVID vaccination policies. (This is hard to watch.)

An Old Dominion University men’s basketball player experienced a terrifying ordeal on Saturday when he suddenly collapsed during a basketball game. Unfortunately, this is becomming a regular occurrence in the sports world.

Olympic gold medalist Modeste M’bami tragically passed away from a heart attack at age 40. He claimed a gold medal for Cameroon during the Olympic games in Sydney in 2000.

This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. How many more young people will have to experience heart attacks, strokes, or death before our government does something other than blame these coincidences on climate change?

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